Saturday, May 4, 2013

Having Fun at Terrain Days

Just a quick one here ...

Our film and social media guy, Ethan, put together this short 40 second candid from last weekend's terrain day ...

If you're local to the DC area, you should join us ... they happen once or twice a month :)


  1. Ahh man hella jealous.

    Looks like good fun :)

    Any pocs up of thisbyears terrain?

  2. I thought that the video would inspire me to do more terrain days--instead, it made it abundantly clear that I need to do more situps...

  3. Sorry hombre, I only work with paper, never that pink junk :p

    Speaking of... that nice little paper building that I built for the NOVA-- I think you know which one ;) -- would serve well as a piece of Infinity terrain too. Do consider using the building this way, in addition to the 40k narrative.