Thursday, May 23, 2013

PSA on Rankings HQ

Just a quick PSA -

Rankings HQ has been non-responsive for over 2 months now to repeat attempts to upload the 2012 NOVA Open 40k results. There's a strange issue where I am unable to get them to show up in my list of tourneys I can upload results for, but several random events like the Onslaught GT show up on my list instead.

I haven't been able to get any replies since April 3, when he said my account should be good to go (and was not). Also offered to send results sheet to him, for them to upload. No response to that.

For anyone curious, the results are otherwise ready to go, sheet is fully filled out / etc. Simply can't upload and cannot get RHQ to reply to any of many repeated PM's. After a good deal of frustration, and some similar finagles last year where RHQ challenged us to prove we actually had 204 participants, figured a PSA was necessary for those who've been asking why we hadn't posted results yet.

A better tournament tracking system is needed. Hmm ... torrent of fire ...

 - Mike

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