Thursday, May 23, 2013

40k Summer League - DC/MD/VA - Playoffs Yield NOVA Invitational Spot, and Cash - Run by IFL

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...below is excerpt:

Who: All DC area 40k gamers

What: The annual IFL Road to the NOVA Open Invitational – a six week Warhammer 40K 6th Edition 1850 league with the top 8 players competing in a 3 round playoff for an invite to the NOVA Open Invitational held August 29th – September 1st 2013.

When: Games start June 3rd and end July 14th.

Where: DC area local gaming stores or an agreed upon battle location

Why: To earn a chance to battle with 32 of the best players in the nation for $2,000 in cash prizes. . . 4 Days . . . 32 Players . . . 5 Rounds . . . 1850 Points.

Cost: Entry fee is $25.

Registration: 5/15 - 6/1
League schedule posted: 6/2
League Play: 6/3 - 7/14 (each week is Mon-Sun)
Playoffs: Location will be at Mike Brandt’s hacienda and date is TBD – most likely the fourth week in July or 1st week in August

Registration: Cost is $25 with $20 of each fee going to a prize pool with the remainder to the IFL and to support food/drinks for the playoffs. To lock in your spot pre-pay with Pay Pal to and note what the payment is for in the comments (IFL Road to NOVA Invitational) and your name / IFL forum login. Obtaining your IFL forum access is simple and free at

League play:

- Participants will play 6 games over the 6 weeks against randomly paired opponents based upon current gaming location and then filled out by other league participants – we will try to minimize traveling but that is contingent upon how many players sign up at each respective gaming location.

- Each week we will use the NOVA Open 40k Primer Missions with week 1 using mission 1 and so on through week 6.

- This is a 40k league so folks can get in their required weekly games WHEREVER AND WHENEVER they choose - at a nearby DC game store or other suitable battle location agreed upon by the opponents.

- A couple of DC 40k open gaming nights for your consideration are: Tues at IFL game central – aka Brittany's Restaurant , Woodbridge, VA; Wed at Dream Wizards , Rockville, MD; Thurs at Game Vault , Fredericksburg, VA; and Fri at Eagle and Empire , Alexandria, VA.

- Opponents can use the IFL forum thread or PM function to coordinate games – access is free and requires filling out a short access form.

- You have one week (Mon-Sun) to play your game. If you cannot play your game that week you can reschedule your game to be played in the subsequent two weeks (as long as it is before last day of the regular season).

- Whenever a game cannot be played in the week it is assigned, a reschedule is no problem.  However, the gamer requesting the postponement must be credited as the ╩║postponer╩║.  If the game is not played by the end of the season it counts as a loss for the postponer and a win and 20 battle points are awarded to the opponent. If it is a mutual postponement, the game will be labeled as such, and if the game is never played, the game will result in a draw with 5 battle points awarded to each player.

- The Winning player will report whether he won by primary, secondary, tertiary, or tiebreaker or by how many battle points on the league’s google doc spreadsheet – see below for point breakdown.   To validate score, both players will have to input their initials in a cell in the spreadsheet for the score to be official.

Tiered Missions:
Win on Primary - 20 battle points
Win on Secondary - 15 battle points
Win on Tertiary - 10 battle points
Win by Tiebreaker - 5 battle points BOTH PLAYERS REGARDLESS OF W/L

Cumulative Missions:
Win by 5+ Mission Points - 20 battle points
Win by 3-4 Mission Points - 15 battle points
Win by 1-2 Mission Points - 10 battle points
Win by Tiebreaker - 5 battle points BOTH PLAYERS REGARDLESS OF W/L

- Rankings will be made by win/draw/loss and then by battle points. In the event of a tie for the final playoff spots, a play-in may be used to determine seeding - this call will be made by the Commissioners.

- Games are self-policed – any arguments will be settled by a dice roll-off if not located in the rulebook and/or subject to interpretation. Report any rules abuses to the Commissioners – they will review and take action accordingly to include issuing warnings to rules abusers.

- League games will be played without a time limit and will end per 6th Ed Basic Rule Book criteria. Playoff games will be completed per the Invitational parameters set forth in the NOVA Primer.

Army lists:

- Must be submitted upon registration/payment to: Players must use one 1850 army list for the entire league.  Allies and fortifications are allowed except for the Fortress of Redemption. No Forge World is allowed.

- For League play we will accept proxies with the goal of a fully painted WYSIWYG by the playoffs. If a top 8 army does not meet this standard by the playoffs they will be disqualified - the next ranked player down will be invited to the playoffs and so on until the 8 player requirement is met. A player can always petition the Commissioners for a waiver if there are extenuating circumstances that prevent meeting the established standards.

- New Eldar:  due to the impending release of the new Eldar codex on June 1, we have adopted the following policy:  Players that commit to playing Eldar as a primary detachment or ally submit a list using the old Eldar codex.  Within 72hrs of the codex release (or it is acquired via other means), Eldar players must resubmit their lists.  After that, all lists will be made public and accessible via Google docs.

Estimated minimum 20 players x $25 = $500
$100 set aside for playoffs food/drinks
Purse: $400
1st place: 35%
2nd place: 25%
3rd place: 12.5%
4th place: 7.5%
5th place: 5%
6th place: 5%
7th place: 5%
8th place: 5%

Staff: League Commissioners – Madd_Mike, Shrinedawg, and Purdune (IFL Forum names)
** All rulings and interpretations made by the league commissioners are final.


  1. I sure wish folks would embrace Vassal for things like this!

    1. Literally every time I've ever played a Vassal game in any version of Vassal, it's frozen on me at some point during the game.

  2. 14 folks signed up across DC so far - only 8 days left to join in on the action.

  3. 3 days left to join in, 22 folks signed up, and unlimited space - so spread the word!