Wednesday, April 3, 2013

NOVA Reminders - Discount Fading

Just a quick couple of reminders for all

First, hotel rooms are booking at an accelerated rate this year. It is important to remember, we give away

$2,000 CASH

To people who stay at the Hyatt Regency. This is also the cheapest hotel you can stay at within any reasonable distance, at $85/night for NOVA attendees.

You should book your rooms now even if you are simply considering it ... why?

The # of raffle tickets you get toward the 5 prizes - $1,000, $250, $250, $250, $250 - is directly proportional to how far in advance you book, and how many nights you stay.

SO ... if you book now, and end up attending, you get more raffle tickets. If you end up not going, just cancel your rooms more than 24 hours out.

Reserve rooms here

Additionally, vendors this year will be offering a special extra discount only on THURSDAY NIGHT of the Con. AKA, find a way to get there Thursday even if you're a local, to drop in on the early goings-on, early seminars, and get some sweet extra deals in the vendor hall.

The vendor hall is MUCH bigger this year, located in the fancy shmancy Regency level at the base of the Indie elevator. You'll be able to see all the vendors laid out from above.

The 40kGT is over 50% sold out at this point (130/256 sold). We've done this in 61 days of sales, vs. doing it in 156 days last year (more or less). Get your 40k GT ticket if you haven't yet. We usually experience a pretty hefty sales spike after AdeptiCon. Just a courtesy note ... considering past paces, this bodes toward a sellout (though obviously you still have time!).

Finally, Weekend Badges go UP in cost by $5 each on April 15. If you're going, grab one now.


  1. I called to make my res, but I res'ed trough the Nova block. Am I still in the running for this?

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