Thursday, April 11, 2013

NOVA Countdown Updated! Skytide Tau

Special thanks to Austin Sincock, of

Alongside playing Thunderstorm SM lists, I've been fiddling w/ a Tau baseline of 3 Skyrays (stock), and 3 Riptides (heavy burst cannon, twin fusion blaster though leaning back toward SMS, and interceptor).

Coupled w/ a ton of Kroot, Pathfinders, and double Ethereal, I've been really enjoying the tactical flexibility, durability, and functionality of the list.

What about ya'll?

That's it!

140 days to NOVA ... and getting quite excited!


  1. Eww, The Heavy Burst Cannon? No problem with gun itself, 8/12 shots is fantastic, but it's the Riptides BS, I can't bear to miss 50% of the time. Yes, yes, marker lights, but I usually want those to wipe cover saves.

    I like Long Strike. BS 5 Railgun for the win. Skyray is nice too, though, I like a mix.

  2. Can Markerlights push Ballistic Skill above 5? Because above that you start getting re-rolls.

  3. yes but there is diminishing returns to hit at that point. However it does help with Get Hot!

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