Thursday, April 4, 2013

NOVA Format Amendment - Warlord Traits

Just a quick note for those playtesting / preparnig / etc. -

With the new Tau codex Warlord Table enabling re-rolls of certain results based upon what gear/abilities your Warlord has, we will probably revert the choice for Warlord Traits to the standard Rulebook approach. The reason for this is that while we believe rolling once while selecting 3 tables (book + rulebook inclusive) is more fair for a one-off tournament environment (aka not in leagues/seasons, or pick-up games), this new rule would force us to create a permutation for our permutation ... and that's getting too far from the basics of the game.

So, pending formalization, presume you will be handling Warlord Traits at NOVA exactly as the rulebook dictates.


  1. Why not have players roll up warlord traits on arrival / check in, just once for the entire event...might make thing interesting....

  2. The problem with that idea is that if one person rolls a completely useless warlord trait, and another person rolls an extremely useful warlord trait, the guy with the useful one will have an advantage during the entire tournament because of a single lucky dice roll.

    Hey Mike, how about one die roll and you select one of the 4 tables (Main books or Codex) with no rerolls allowed for warlord traits? Quick and simple. Yes it can potentially make certain wargear less useful, but it puts everyone in the same boat as far as warlord traits go.