Friday, March 15, 2013

Cocktails for a Cause; Beer for a Better World - March 15 Newsletter and Cocktail/Beer Seminars

The March 15 Newsletter just released

It's my privilege to bring the next little expansion to the breadth of the NOVA Open to ya'll, in the form of our American Craft Cocktail and Beer Seminars. They occur 9:30-11:30PM on the evenings of Friday, August 30, and Saturday, August 31 respectively. Proceeds from the Seminars and cocktail/beer sales in the Presidential Suite where they are hosted go in support of the charities (click the link to see which ones and details) sponsored by the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation.

Details are in the newsletter, but here are your direct links and quotes:

Craft Cocktail Seminar (soon to be titled; Cocktails for a Cause)

Craft Beer Seminar (soon to be titled: Beer for a Better World)

There are only 20 spots for each of these; you must be 21 (duh), must stay at the hotel at least that night to participate (no drinking and driving!), and must have a weekend badge. These are already selling, as of the newsletter going out a little while ago. We do not expect them to last very long.

The NOVA Open Charitable Foundation is fully licensed to serve beverages for that weekend within the Presidential Suite, in support of a charitable cause. Fancy cocktails and craft beer will be available to VIP holders during select times Friday through Sunday at very affordable rates. All proceeds will go to the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation in support of its sponsored charities.

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