Monday, March 4, 2013

Thoughts on New Daemons


So first off ... I'm a fan of organic armies that aren't encased in super armor, that can be taken in fairly high #'s but also have some elite components to them.

SOOO, the new Daemons dex is intriguing to me. I enjoyed proxy-playing Daemons in the last dex, but never personally enjoyed the random drop potential ... and the models were all a little too expensive to get the army "feel" I personally wanted.

The new dex solves a lot of this issue. I rather like it. Some things in it are dumb (aren't some always), and some things in it are rather broken (i.e., Seekers). Overall, awesome party time I think.

Base start points, you ask? Well, I like Slaanesh at a glance ... I suspect this will change a lot.

3 x Exalted Heralds of Slaanesh on Steeds (Exalted meaning, that gift level)
3 x 20 Seekers of Slaanesh
6 x 10 Daemonettes

Heralds for sure will be taking Grimoire (turning one seeker unit into 3++ or turning it into .. just stay in cover, who needs a 5++ vs 6++ for a turn?), and a Portalglyph

That's a 1530 point baseline with 120 incredibly fast, effective models that are quite durable for their points. Thoughts will continue from here. Things are very nascent. Strongly considering doing a Daemons list.

For those not in the know, 20 Seekers throw 80 attacks on the charge at Ihigh, with Cavalry movement, the ability to outflank, and ... you know, they basically are the fastest cheap models in the game. Their turn 1 movement is 18+d6 inches.


  1. I find your blog cool. Please continue making things like this...

  2. look at taking Karanak in a unit of 8 Crushers...

  3. Things are very nascent. Strongly considering doing a Daemons list.