Monday, March 11, 2013

Quick Registration / VIP Fancy Cheap Drinks Lounge Update; Daemons Army List

No promises on this yet, we're still working out details and appropriate licensing, BUT looks like there'll be some special perks awaiting in the Presidential Lounge from Thursday through Saturday nights for VIPs this year. This may expand in future years. Expect available beverages to tie into those offered during the in-work American Craft Cocktail and American Craft Beer seminars.

There are only 8 VIP bags left, of 80.
Registration is way faster this year than last. Example: last year we opened 40k GT registration December 1, and sold our 110th ticket on April 2. This year we opened 40k GT registration February 1, and sold our 110th ticket on March 11. Registration for the 40k Narrative has already eclipsed last year's total. Fantasy registration rate is up about 1000% (though it was quite slow to this point last year), and a substantial % of spots are sold away by now for most other events. Seminars are selling like crazy, in particular two brand new ones - Justin McCoy's Introduction to Masterclass Painting seminar, and Tectonic Craft Studio's build and take-home terrain seminar.

Daemons are continuing to evolve in my head; still not sure if I'm going to fully go with / get behind running them.

Tonight I'll be playing a game against a local while simultaneously ACTUALLY guest-hosting this week's 11th co Podcast. So, if all goes as planned, there'll be updates to how it's going laced into the cast.

List-wise, I think I'll be going with a combination of Guard and Slaanesh. Daemons primary, Guard contingents sprinkled in largely to tackle some of the gaping holes (i.e., anti-land raider, backfield scoring beyond just the portal). Most likely guard contingent is a meltavet team, manticore, vendetta, marbo, and officer CCS. Depending on points, might swap Marbo for a double meltagun stormtrooper suicide team.

Also considering putting in a CSM contingent toward the same basic function (i.e., termicide, oblits, heldrake).


  1. Was thinking Daemons/IG too :3 Will like to see how this develops as well but Meltas, Chimeras, backfield scoring (Because the Portal is great to bring in units that specialize for common roles, and it's hilarious rolling up 1-2 models and getting Horrors with still 2d6 shots.)

    Was also thinking a few Chimeras too to go with Chariots and use slot-less ones bought for heralds that hide in bigger units anyway, thoughts on that?

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