Friday, February 10, 2012

Finds of the Day - Post for Posting's Sake

Afternoon All,

Gettin' ready for a busy weekend of NOVA work, flag football, and other sorts of things ... and I don't know if I'll make it a regular but I figured I'd share my finds of the day/week.

First, band/song:

Second, not only is the blog awesome, but ... holy cow!

Cool ...

Haven't gotten your Valentine's card yet?

Finally, at the Super Bowl we made cocktails themed to each team, and brews vs. each other. Brooklyn Lager for the Giants vs. Boston Lager (Sam Adams) for the Patriots. Blue Raz Martinis for the Patriots vs. Big Apple Manhattans for the Giants.

The Big Apple Manhattan SOUNDED like an abomination, but when I started making them for folks I was mightily impressed, as was everyone else ... like the G-Men on screen, it beat the competition of the Blue Raz among manly man drinkers and girly gals alike.

To craft, take a shot and a half of top shelf Whisk[e]y; I recommend Catoctin Rye, and add a dash each of Amaretto and Apple Pucker. Load in an ounce of Cranberry juice and shake the shit out of it to generate a nice foamy top off the pour, and drop in a maraschino for garnish.  This is a shockingly good drink.

A post not about the NOVA or 40k at all? A post significantly about Whiskey even? Back to the name of the blog.

Wait, wait, wait -

40k GT tickets are starting to pick up steam on the sales front guys, and over 40% of ticket sales are to FIRST TIME ATTENDEES; pick up your ticket while you can.

We're also selling a fairly heavy number of Flames of War tickets, among the other events, so snag 'em while you can.


  1. You should have a Nova bar competition!

  2. Hrm.. if you've got FoW, AND a Brew/Vint competition.... add in a cooking competition...

    I'll be there with Free French, Brown Abbey Ale, and Choucroute Garnie.

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