Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Narrative Event at the NOVA Open 2012 - Why It's Fun for YOU Specifically

As we've begun to mention, 2012 sees the introduction of a new evening / casual event to the NOVA Open's bracket of offerings in the form of the Narrative.

Instead of being set on yet another Imperial World where magically every single race and codex option is all there at the same time (and there's probably a Chaos artifact involved, right?), the Narrative is a NEW setting created in a near-future Washington, DC, as it is about to suffer invasion from unknown sources.

Players in ANY system incorporated (don't worry, you'll still only play WITHIN system) will be paired against their peers across 3 evenings and 1 afternoon of casual-pace but fully competitive gaming, with the results of every game helping shape and determine the progression of the story from day to day, and year to year.

That last part is also important - in addition to scoring points for your FACTION and as an INDIVIDUAL, you'll be able to score unique points called Fame and Infamy.  The most FAMOUS or INFAMOUS commanders at the end of the weekend will earn special recognition in the advancement of the story in future years, up to and including seeing monuments in their honor showing up in the future of Washington, DC (2013 and beyond).

The gist of this post, though, is WHY this will be fun for you regardless of your play style or type:

Competitive Gamers Looking for Competitive High Level Games

Pairings for the Narrative are in part based upon your army list, and your known performance capabilities from past NOVA Opens and other events. We're finalizing an objective evaluation by which to go here, but the long and short is this: If you want to bring a fluffy, laid back list and play against other laid back fluffy lists, you'll get that at the NOVA Narrative. BUT if you want to play against other competitive lists and players ... you'll get that also, all in the setting of 3 hour timeframes and a casual atmosphere to prevent it ramping your stress up quite as much as the top tables in a GT setting sometimes does for some folks.

Casual Gamers Looking for Laid Back, Non-GT Setting Games

Just as with Competitive Gamers, the more laid back your attitude and list tends to be, the more laid back your opponents will tend to be. Wherever possible, the Narrative is about well-matched games toward common goals among faction and teammates ... not about evaluating superlatives as with the GT or Invitational or Trios Team Tournament. You'll be playing your peers, playing with similar lists and mindsets.

Teams of Buddies and Singles

You can sign up as a Doubles Narrative Team, or as a Singles Narrative Player. Either way, your "team" (of one, or of two) will be fielding a 2,000 point Force Organization Chart ... so, those with a 2k point army for the GT who want to simply get in a few extra organized and meaningful games with interesting missions won't have to bring anything different from what they're already bringing for the GT. Those looking for a fresher or team-based experience can craft the perfect team Narrative army.

Trying to Convince Your Significant Other!

Want to attend, but your S.O. doesn't want to attend for the weekend because s/he doesn't know what to do while you're busy on the 4-game Saturday big GT day?  Well, look no further. The Narrative this year incorporates a riddle-based scavenger hunt that will take a person on an inherent guided tour of DC, where the more puzzles you solve and famous (or hidden local hot spot) locations you visit, the more points you earn for your partner's faction in the Narrative event. This happens on Saturday from 9-5, and creates an inherently awesome field trip of DC along the public metro route for anyone not actually playing in the GT or other big Saturday events.


Extra bonus points, including Fame and Infamy, are awarded for modeling your armies or heroes to the tune of the Narrative story. The NOVA is hard at work creating an atmosphere that supports this as well, up to and including army-enhancing items you can acquire (sneak peak click here), and even recreating LED-lit replicas of some of DC's most iconic monuments (see if you can discern some of the work in progress over at our terrain man Bob's Rogue General Hunter blog)

Additional useful information:


  • Thursday, Friday, Saturday Nights
7:30 – 8:30PM // Overall Commanders will update players on the development of the narrative, and
assign teams and players to their respective tables and opponents
8:30 – 11:30PM // Each night’s round is played; players have up to 3 hours to complete the round, and
submit their results

  • Sunday
8:00 – 11:00AM // Players not participating in other activities may take part in drop-in organized open
gaming to play out the skirmishes leading up to the climax of the narrative action
1:00 – 2:00PM // Players are given their final briefing on the climax of the narrative
2:00 – 5:00PM // Climactic final battle of the DC Narrative

1. Players may register to play as a Doubles Narrative Team, or a Singles Narrative Player
2. All players register for the event by purchasing a DC Narrative Ticket at http://www.novaopen.com/
3. Players wishing to play as a Doubles Narrative Team should e-mail novaopen@gmail.com with the
name of their team and both members once they’ve purchased their ticket

Points and Codex Restrictions

  • Singles Narrative Players:  2000 points, standard Force Organization Chart
  • Doubles Narrative Players:  2000 points, a maximum of 1000 points per player, up to two Codices, shared Force Organization Chart; no auras, transports, or other abilities stack/share between Codices; each player must bring 1 HQ and 1 Troop unitAll Codices released at least 30 days prior to the event are legal
  • Forgeworld/IA "Warhammer 40,000 Approved" units ARE legal (NO Super Heavies, Gargantuans, Fliers; more specific details to come)

List Submission, Taking a Round Off
  • Players MUST submit their Army Lists by July 31. Lists are fixed, and any changes desired after July 31 must be approved by e-mailing novaopen@gmail.com
  • Players MAY request a single Round “OFF” due to other events/activities, or simply wanting more time not actively gaming.  This must be requested along with your army list submission by July 31.  Any later requests must be approved by e-mailing novaopen@gmail.com
  • Players who request a round off will earn individual scores from their three rounds. Players who participate in all FOUR rounds will have their lowest score dropped for purposes of individual scoring
  • Players and Teams will be scored individually, and will score points for their faction.
  • Individual scores in categories of appearance, point accruals, and additional special performance categories will determine an array of individual and team awards
  • Points earned for players’ factions will determine the results and direction of the narrative each day, and will determine the final result of the weekend’s story
  • Please send questions to novaopen@gmail.com.  We are hard at work building and LED-Lighting replicas of DC monuments and landmarks to serve as centerpieces for the Narrative, an attack on Washington!  Visit our website and Whiskey&40K often for updates.


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