Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rankings HQ Update for NOVA 2011

Just wanted to let inquiring minds know I submitted the results for NOVA 2011 some time ago. I cannot get the RHQ folks to reply to any e-mails or private messages, and do not know if it was inaccurately updated or what.

Just in case you all thought I simply hadn't submitted them, untrue - I did, they just haven't been entered. For those that care, this is significantly impacting numerous players on the rankings due to the large # of players who participated in the NOVA's 40k GT.


  1. thank you for trying to get the rankings up. I can't wait!!!!


  2. Yeah, the addition would move me up a bit. I had some problems getting them to add events I'd submitted too. I'm pretty sure I submitted the bugeater to them last year and it never got updated and they wouldn't respond. Oh well, it's not like it's a serious thing, just something for smiles and bragging rights :)

  3. My bad, turns out they did eventually post the Bugeater results :)