Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Volunteers and Key Personnel Sought - NOVA 2012

Interested in participating in the NOVA 2012 from the organizational and operational point of view?  Looking for comradeship with local gamers and peers?  Send an e-mail to mvbrandt@gmail.com and cc it to novaopen@gmail.com

We're processing the results of the surveys sent out, and have received a TON of responses so far already!  Overwhelmingly positive, constructive, and useful.

We'll be holding our staff appreciation meeting and kick-off for the 2012 planning year on September 18 - Staff, check your spam folders and e-mail in-boxes if you haven't received the evite and responded to it yet!

If you're interested in participation next year, attendance at the thanks and kick-off is extremely important (if not quite mandatory).  Let us know!  We have tons of sponsors hopping on board already, tons of feedback to process and improvements to make, plans to lay and events to flesh out ... it's a full year planning cycle this time around!  I might even wind up dropping the word "Forgeworld" upon you all.

Thanks again to all for this year's NOVA and all its successes and lessons learned.  Additional stats are forthcoming for Fantasy and the Invitational and Team Tournament, plus other side events.  Questions are being answered as fast as we can throw them out there.  Eventually we will return to your regularly scheduled Whiskey 40k blog programming, as well.

If you enjoyed the NOVA format, make sure to check out the Battle for Salvation coming up in about 4 weeks.  Much of the "Whiskey Crew" (my informal titling for the local crew of in and out gaming peers and buddies) will be in attendance, and I'll be up there either to help and support the BFS guys, or to defend my title from last year's BFS GT.

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