Thursday, September 1, 2011

NOVA Open Warhammer 40k GT Results! Appearance Mid-Awards Delay Explanation

Just a quick rundown, and then the all desired stats sheet.

Renaissance Man, Overall Track Winner - Gabe Dobkin
Tournament Champion, Generalship Track Winner - Tony Kopach

I'm identifying brackets by their Day 1 record, rather than numerically.  Generally, the later you received your losses, the higher your bracket was within same win-loss record.

4-0 Bracket Winner - Tony Kopach
3-1 Bracket Winners - Ray Tautic, Andrew Sutton, Alex Fennell
2-2 Bracket Winners - Jorge Ruiz, James Watkins, Simon Leen, Will Pauley
1-3 Bracket Winners - David Key, Daniel Pardo, Bill McFadden, Mark Ferek
0-4 Bracket Winner - Todd Cornell

Heart of Gold - Sportsmanship - Justin Hilderbrandt
Justin was chosen randomly from among the 16 or so tied for tops; I'll re-collate those names when I get an opportunity.  Random 2nd and Random 3rd among the best were Sean Nayden (who won the Heart of Gold in Justin's absence), and Stephen Chase (of the 11th Company Podcast)


In the middle of the awards, after giving Joe Johnson his award for Best Conversion for his Salamanders Commander, I paused the awards to confer with the Appearance Judges still there.  The Chief Appearance Judge, Geoff Redding, had to leave by that point to catch the last Metro out of dodge.

Gabe Dobkin rightly won Best Army Appearance, Chris Dubuque rightly won Best Single Mini, and Joe Johnson rightly won Best Converted Mini.  The problem was, I'd initially not planned on awarding major awards to the same person twice - since Dobkin won Renaissance Man after Appearance Winners were decided, I was trying to see if we should award "down" ... unfortunately doing so would also screw up Single Mini and Conversion, as Dubuque and Johnson were very close to the "best" choice in Overall Army Appearance.

We did NOT change any of the awards, in the end, because it was too late in the process and the winners really were the best of the bunch - the Appearance Judges took a great deal of time to select them, and the right thing to do was stick with the true winners, even though this meant Dobkin went home with a TON of swag :)

So, re-congratulations to the appearance winners ... we should have some stronger photos of each of these coming soon ...

Best Overall Army (Sum of All Parts) - Gabe Dobkin, for his Cobra Commander Army

Best Single Mini (Well Beyond Crayon) - Chris Dubuque, for his Sanguinor

Best Single Conversion (A Miniature Frankenstein) - Joe Johnson, for his Salamanders Commander

Finally, the results, with Codex Attached ...

In general, here is how each codex performed, pending one army I still need to fill in that I'm trying to track down the list for:

6 x Black Templars (26-30) 46.4%
22 x Blood Angels (97-79) 55.1%
6 x Chaos Daemons (16-32) 33.3%
6 x Chaos Space Marines (16-32) 33.3%
5 x Dark Angels (23-17) 57.5%
14 x Dark Eldar (58-54) 51.8%
6 x Eldar (21-27) 43.8%
32 x Grey Knights (140-116) 54.7%
21 x Imperial Guard (88-80) 52.4%
3 x Necron (11-13) 45.8%
10 x Ork (39-41) 48.8%
27 x Space Marines (96-120) 44.4%
25 x Space Wolves (106-94) 53%
6 x Tau (18-30) 37.5%
10 x Tyranids (34-46) 42.5%
4 x Witch Hunters (15-17) 46.9%

When using the excel sheet and sorting, your Overall Standing is found by sorting the Renaissance Man column.  Your Generalship Standing is found by sorting the Competitive column.  Obviously Appearance Standing is done by the same for the Appearance Column.  I've printed a few PDFs and linked those to make some of the sorting easier for those who don't want to fiddle around in excel.


  1. Did the event have no Orks? Didn't see them on the "how each codex peformed".

  2. I know there were at least two Ork players.

  3. Missing player appears to have been Eldar; results for Codex updated. Went 4-4 so bumped Eldar % up by a bit.

  4. Note t hat due to bracketing and such, opponent # may not be quite accurate for the last set of 4 games. Often players would play "free" games against opponents all about the place and win by default against a drop for a round or two.

  5. Heh note to self: next year take a few moments to actually get my army judged.

    I got so wrapped up in being at the next table ahead of time to get settled (and coupled with my general laziness in walking with my army across the hall to wait for it to get judged), I never got around to getting it judged.

    Even funnier was when one of the refs came by around game 7 mid game and asked if I had it judged yet. I (stupidly) was like "Nope, but I'm good".

    :) Lesson learned.

  6. Sorry I missed the second day of games =( Got so sick Sunday that I just needed to go home. Next year though ^_^

  7. Who were all the "tournament aces" and what were their armies?


  8. That was a ton of fun. Geoff and all of us had an excellent time judging as many armies as possible; I think in the end we had to make over 450 reviews to cover all the Fantasy and 40K players. Gabe Dobkin rightfully won best Army with his astounding work. Between the extensive conversions and the pristine paint job it was hard to beat.

    I kind of feel bad making him think he didn't win when I mentioned we noticed that the inside of his missile launcher tubes weren't painted. I was chatting with him while Mike was making announcements, and unfortunately I had to go before the appearance announcements were made.

  9. Thanks for the numbers, can we see the results for the Invitational?

  10. One thing Mike I noticed in the overall excel spread sheet: for all the day 2 games, the opponent numbers are off, i.e. they go 1-16. I caught it as I was going through reminiscing bout my games and I realized the people the tracker "said" I played weren't the ones I actually did. And when I tried to filter the column and use just my ID, it wasn't one of the filter numbers...which ran 1-16. It seems to be an excel error.

    Anyway just wanted to bring it to your attention

  11. Are you going to be doing the invitational too?

  12. So then playing in the top bracket.... against the best players.... doesn't add any competitive marks for the overall score?

    Example, a third bracket player who has the same record as a 1st bracket player can be higher in the competitive rankings because he played lower competition? Just checking...?

  13. No, the final competitive standings will come out as soon as I get the bracket breakdowns from my scoremaster. If you made Bracket 1 you'll be in the Top 16 even if you went 0-4 on Day 2.

  14. Thanks Mike. Again we all learn how to run these great events from you.

  15. Good to see the pre-battle damage photo of Dubuque's Sanguinius was used.

    There were a total of 514 reviews Kevin. We had 18 players skip their reviews. How they missed us? I dunno. We were rather prominently located. Ah well, their loss.

  16. Hey Mike,
    Any chance you know what day or when the Invitational records will be up? After all the GT stuff is posted?

  17. Almost forgot to add that Steve Martini, Daniel Schmitz, Joe Sledge, Chris Swasey, and Kevin Moore received scores higher that 0. Mike has their numbers and can update the appearance list whenever. Odd that only M's and S's were omitted. Hmm...I think I was entering data for those letters when I kept getting interrupted. Seems I forgot my "Evil Genius at Work-- Do Not Disturb" sign. I'm sorry for the omissions guys.

  18. My poor Sanguinor took a beating. The tip of his sword lost all of it's paint on both sides. I dropped him sword tip to ground at least three times, popping off his back pack twice. By the time the final judging came around, he was in rough shape. But one thing positive came of it, his sword was straightened! It had a weird bend and I could not get it straight by hand. Dropping it several times left it straight as an arrow. Weird. :) Thanks to the Nova staff for the award! I agree, Gabe deserved the win. His army was awesome and fun to look at. Until next time! Jawaballs

  19. Could someone post a link to better pictures of Gabe's winning army?

    Thank you!

  20. jawa, shoulda been finecast, eh?

    I keep hearing there was a photographer at this thing but where are the pics?

  21. I hope she won't post the picture she took during my game. While I didn't get a 0 painting score, I didn't get over .30 either.

    (I used an alias here so as not to tip anyone off) :p

  22. Can we get more and better pics of the Cobra army please.

  23. Why is the Golden Heart winner randomly determined? Would it not make sense simply to give the award to the nicest player who also finished best out of the candidates?

  24. Hrmmm, I was an eldar player that went 4-4.....
    It was a really great event and I had a lot of fun. I'll definitely be at the next one! That being said...
    If you have more pictures of the Cobra Commander army, it would be awesome if you could upload them.
    And were you planning on uploading the pictures that were taken with Gav Thorpe?

  25. It was a really fun event, but I might suggest either scaling it back next year or getting more help. All aspects of the 40k Open seemed as if another person or two helping would have been useful, to check parings after round one, or check that the scores were correct, or to wander the floor and find those people with their hands up for judges, or to allow for earlier check-ins so rounds aren't delayed as often.

    It was fun, and nothing was seriously off (I still had a blast), but every time something like that happened it took a little bit of the enjoyment of the day and respect for the tourney out of the players.

  26. Can't wait to calculate my Ren score once I find out my appearance score!

  27. Any idea when/where the appearance scores will be posted?