Monday, September 5, 2011

Photographs and Surveys

Attention NOVA attendees - we sent out a survey today; if you'll take a few minutes to fill it out, check your spam filter for it due to mass e-mailage, etc., we'd appreciate it - we take feedback VERY seriously, and will actively use it for next year.

To the people who have already filled it out - your OVERWHELMING positive response is extremely gratifying, and your HUGE contribution of constructive pointers and ideas for next year is extremely USEFUL.  Thank you all!

Our Sunday photographer Beth (also an excellent artist, check out her art), has started finalizing some shots ... and I've created some flickr galleries.  Some highlights included below in this post.

Fantasy Armies and Players

Army finalist photos and other sorts of things all incoming!


  1. W00t! I saw two pics of my mighty Space Wolves during game 2!

  2. Thanks for sending out the surveys and giving me the chance to let you know my thoughts on the event! Very smart and classy of you.

    However, asking up front if I was a blogger or an internet personality on the survey made me feel like you valued my opinion less because I wasn't. I just don't see what that has to do with my comments on the tournament. Just saying, lol! :-D

  3. Haha, sorry it had no bearing on our opinion of your results - it's just helpful to know what websites/blogs/etc. are covering the event. Call us whores for even more feedback!

  4. I didn't see a survey; was it just for the 40K players?

    Also, Beth took some photos of the Fantasy finalist armies... but I don't see them on the Flickr account. Also: the Armies link above appears to be broken.

  5. I'm still editing the other 400 photos that include the rest of Fantasy, awards, plus some army closeups:) Sorry it's taking some time, but I'll have em done this week!

  6. I'm sure you've got a lot to work through! (And I'm going to blame missing the "Army finalist photos and other sorts of things all incoming!" bit on a lack of coffee.)

  7. Wayyyy too much depth of field, the pictures hurt my eyes.

  8. I'd apologize...but I won't! This was my first time using the camera. So I give myself some grace space.

    I suppose you'll just have to not look at them. That, or you could step out of the shadows of anonymity and volunteer to be next year's photographer! :-D

    Perhaps Mike can pull some strings and get Annie Leibovitz. I'd be all over that. She can bring Johnny Depp, too. ...I've just taken this topic so far from 40K.

  9. NP, I had no desire to offend any novice photographers, only 'experienced' ones.