Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Two New Blogs - Hulksmash'em Dan-O!

OK, so two fellas asked me via e-mail to add their blogs to the list I have on the right, and I checked out some of their stuff before I did ....

First off, Hulksmash doesn't look big green and scary.  Maybe scary, but not big and green.  He's a normal dude, and a cool dude.  He posts a lot on Dakka, came to the NOVA Open with his badass fully converted Adeptus Mechanicus counts-as-Demons army, runs his own painting service, and ... well, I like him a lot - he's a good fella.

His blog looks to be shaping toward tactics, and he's already started to talk about why Tyranid don't suck at the top of the competitive game right now ... I still think they do at the national level, but they can certainly rock the local tourney scene RTT scrubs all day long (so can Demonhunters, seriously).  I'm looking forward to how he pulls off this argument, and the lists he suggests ... I'll playtest 'em myself, as thematically I love/lurve/mindhump Nids.

Second off, Dan Oppedisano ... I probably got his name wrong, it's one of "those," but Dan O came to mind, which made me think of Dano from Hawaii 5-0, which made me think of the NEW Hawaii 5-0's Dano, played by Scott Caan ... and lo and behold I found a picture of him ON the show holding a MINIATURE.  So perfect.

Anyway, Dan's a rockin' cool guy I met at the Battle for Salvation, who won best painted army and was such a great painter and sport that he came in third overall with only a 1-3 record.  His blog is up as well, and it looks a little more toned down from the tactical approach and focused in on his badass projects and jazz - and you know what, that's about right for this dude - he's that kinda great guy.

Lookin' forward to seeing both of them again, hopefully at the NOVA and hopefully sooner!  Blogs added.


  1. Very kind of you to say, Mike! After meeting the Whiskey & 40k crowd at the Battle for Salvation, it became clear to me that I was up against some serious tacticians. What can I add to a blogosphere already overflowing with in-depth tactical analysis? I have decided to try and make a contribution focused on the hobby side of things. I hope you guys get a kick out of my blog.

    Thanks again, and tell Vaden I need my cummerbund back.

  2. Thanks Mike for putting the blog link up. I appreciate it.

    I think Tyranids can compete at the National level but that means I'm gonna have to play them next year to prove it :D This means a lot of touch up painting to get them up to my Daemon/SW's standards but it might be worth it.

  3. Mike,
    Thanks for posting the link to Dan O's site, I was trying to find it for a few days to show someone. I love his Dark Eldar Skaven army...