Sunday, October 10, 2010

Back from the Battle for Salvation

I'm exhausted.

Somehow I managed to do well.

Fun game against Fritz's Harlies on Fri night
#1 Competitive - Tournament Champion (7-0)
#2 Renaissance Man - Lost by .02 to my last round opponent, who I gave my sports "4" to ... if only I'd chipmunked him!  But then I wouldn't have been very deserving of Ren Man, would I have?
High on sports ... I think 4/4/3/3 or 4/4/3/2 or something like that; #11 I think
#16/48 painting, which for me is pretty good - I think the inquisition branch paint scheming I did this week helped a lot, as the pig iron guys look sharp

Semi-Final game against Alex Fennel and Final game against Stelek bear note for being absurdly close, exhausting, but ultimately fun ... Alex especially is a brilliant pleasure to play against; I blame the British accent.

Full report to come, but for now sleep.


  1. Congrats Mike and well-done! Looking forward to bat-reps and shiny pics :).

  2. How could you not mention that sweet-ass sword you won.

  3. Grats dude. DC boys are 2-0 in the NOVA format :P

  4. Congrats Mike! How about some pics of your new guardsmen? Glad to see someone make a success out of using big Al.

  5. Congrats and looking forward to more reports. I was sad to sewe there were no "live results" reported out during the event so the rest of the world could get a snippet of what was going on.

  6. A little disapointed we couldn't stick around to watch the final round, but congratulations on the babyseal free victory. You definately earned that one (having played Alex twice I know how drained you must have felt after that mental slugfest). Next time our shit talking will hopefully lead to a game =P...again congratulations!

  7. Congratulations Mike . That was a big win for ya.


  8. I'll have to see if I can't come up with a baby seal theme for my tyranids ;)

    Grats on the win!

  9. i'm seriously considering taking those narwhal horns with a baby seal attached and casting a few to use as bright lances on my wave serpents =D