Friday, October 8, 2010

Battle for Salvation - Departing

OK, so if you've kept up wtih the blog, you know I'm going to the Battle for Salvation this weekend.
Here is the most important question:
Will I be the seal, or the narwhal?

The guys up there made me an offer I couldn't refuse, so I'm leaving the comfy confines of our nation's capital for a little fun in ... a chillier state.  Not in NYC either, just in White Plains.


And I may have to talk to Stelek, AGAIN, in person.

Wait a minute ... what did I get myself into here?

Humor aside, I'm looking forward to the social networking and chatterboxing that will inevitably go on, and am attending along with area good buddies Jay P0well (Blood and Blades), Vaden B@ll (has no blog b/c he's a loooooser), Kevin C0mer (posts on this blog once in a blue moon, runs Fantasy side of NOVA Open), and Ryan H0lliday (Darwinn from YTTH)

So, my army is all painted (I painted over 30 models this week, and it sucked, to fit in the new things I've wanted to try), I'm rolling WITHOUT my trusty rusty demolishers (not so sure how I feel about this one honestly), and I'm looking forward to a good time.

Interestingly, and this is partly b/c I haven't played in a lot of big national tourneys, I've never lost a tournament game ... and I think I will this weekend.  I'm sure I'll do fine competitively, win some or even most of my games, but I just have this inkling that I'm going to run into one of the really strong players attending ... maybe even one of my own crew ... sooner or later, a few dice rolls will go against me, a little bit of "I don't really care" will creep in, and I'll take my first tourney loss ... you know what, though?  I'm kinda looking forward to it :)

There'll be some real gems of competitors hiding in the ranks of 48 at this thing, and I'm looking forward to chatting with the whole kit and kaboodle while eventually meeting my match (though in true 40k style, I'll blame it on dice, list match-ups, and the weather ... before I blame it on someone being as good as or better than me) at some point ... maybe through random draw in Round 1 ... maybe in Round 7.  Who knows?

Here's to a good time ... cya'll on the flipside.  I'm not cool like some of those bloggers, so I don't/won't have the ability to blog remotely.  I will take a lot of pictures, though; or, I'll try to.  It depends on if I'm presently being impaled by vengeful narwhals or not.

 - Mike


  1. Looking forward to the reports, sorry I'm missing out, hope y'all have fun.

  2. No Demolishers?!?! You!!??!

    Nah, honestly, I think that will possibly come back and bite you...but good luck anyway. :)

  3. Day 1 over. Finished first competitively with high battle score. 16th/48 rank for paint. 11th/48 sports in a massive tie for third sportsmanship - got 4/4/3/3 from my opps which is real good. Lost Ren Man by. 01 pts to my last opponent, who I gave. Well earned 4 to in sports after winning 1915 to 330. Doh! Playing the #8 seed irks tomorrow in rd 5.

  4. congrats on your new sword. Glad that I don't have to be disappointed in you!

  5. Good job winning with your WAAC list.