Friday, August 27, 2010

Whiskey40k Night 8-27, with Schlafly Brews

Tonight I'll be demo'ing to folks at Whiskey 40k night the Schlafly Pumpkin Ale, which is some amazing stuff ... stands well above most run of the mill pumpkin brews.

It's that season, with Oktoberfest seasonals in full swing and Pumpkin seasonals beginning to show up on the shelves.

Get Schlafly this year; it's exceptional.

Tonight's Whiskey40k night includes socializin', Joe O's awesome BBQ, cigars (Monte Christo's, Baccarats, CAO Flavoreds and w/e the heck those massive ones Joe smokes are), and a variety of seasonal brews I'm bringing over ... plus Malifaux, 40k, and possibly Risk.

40k will see some 1k+1k vs 1k+1k 2v2 action, regular 2k games, etc., and Malifaux will be 25-35 ss scraps on a Malifaux Battle Board that Geoff's been working on (Geoff is the mastermind behind all our gorgeous top table terrain for Fantasy and 40k at this year's Open). Curious to see what he's come up w/ for a battle board ... he says it's unfinished, but for him that usually means what the rest of us would consider 99.5% done ... he usually won't show unpolished work.

So off we go ... big crowd tonight, about 15 gamers.


  1. The night was a very good one, with some guests hanging until about 2:30ish, I think. I did manage to dry the burgers a bit, but everything else came out okay.

    This is the time of year, with everything tilting slowly but surely back into winter in a few months, that I like to have cookouts during the gaming nights. For me, at least, it beats going to a restaurant and spending $20-$30 a head to be in a place where you can't cut loose at all, and where you might end up stuck at the far end of a long table and be unable to hear what's going on.

    Anyway, like Mike said, we like things informal, or casual (or Kazzual, even, heh) at game night.

    One misconception is that calling it "Whiskey 40k" takes away from the real purpose of the evening. It's a game night, not just 40K. We've always welcomed other games, and tend to shift to different games ourselves every few years. 40K has had a good run since 4th came out so far, and our involvement with the NOVA Open will probably ensure a continued strong presence, but other games are always worth a gander.

    So, thanks all who attended, and we'll hope to see you again soon.