Tuesday, August 3, 2010

NOVA Open - Appearance Scoring Revamp

Hey all,

My good buddy Geoff is a longtime expert when it comes to creativity and ... well, everything in life. He'll be at the Open, directing our appearance judging teams. All of our regular gaming terrain is built and painted by Geoff, and his own minis are works of art ... especially in the hand-crafting department.

His credits are long and I won't belabor them, suffice to say he's far more qualified in the appearance department than I am. That said, he'll be revising our score components (but not the heart of what's rewarded and why) and the scoring sheet, and taking ownership of it and those who will be judging it.

Geoff's a stickler for all the fine details, so his position probably will ensure the scores are as close to accurate as possible ... he's also passionate about the hobby component of Warhammer and Warhammer 40k ... a lot of his hand-crafted terrain will be on some of the tables at the Open, and it's bound to get some OOOO's and AAAAAA's. It always does :)

In any event, just a heads up that for the 40k players who received the final mission packet draft, and the appearance scoring draft, to expect the heart of the scoring to stay the same, but the points to "normalize" more around common numbers, and the sensibility of the judging to clarify and become overall a little better.

- Mike

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