Monday, April 14, 2014

Heavily Revised Independent Mission Catalog - Sample Tournament Packet

This weekend saw the first widespread use of the Mission Catalog ( in a large-format tournament, the 5-round Delawarr Open.

The sample packet for player/TO use can be found here:

Here are some short notes to the changes:

1) The missions that were already out there are now revised and improved, with a lot of input from the community. I want to give special shout-outs to Bill Kim and Neil Gilstrap, both of whom were very active in comment/posting/etc within the google docs group. Anyone who would like to join in participation and is not already linked in, just let the missioncatalog know via comment, or ask me via mvbrandt@gmail

2) The approach to secondaries was scrapped and improved. Instead of having the 3 basics every round and requiring you to "change" one into a sort of half measure escalated version, we've gone with 9 independent secondaries. The three book secondaries plus 6 new ones. If you prefer book mission, the 3 secondaries from the book are ALWAYS in every mission, plus 2 other ones chosen from the list as a whole. TOs can select whichever pairings they want, but we encourage always having the three presented in the rulebook plus two others. In play this weekend, it was noted that plenty of people chose to just "play book," selecting the three book secondaries and the primary that most resembled book missions ... which is totally great to hear! It's probably unintended, but a consequence of the catalog mission design is players can choose to play very in-line with the standard 6th Edition book missions by custom-tailoring the round to that style for purposes of their score.

3) Simplification of each mission by presenting the majority of the how-to rules in the front as a guide.

4) Addition of new missions, bringing the total in the catalog at present to five.

Take a swing at this, and please continue to provide feedback - these will change and refine with time.



  1. Not trying to be nit picky... I believe there is a typo right before the Round 1 heading where it says "in favor of Jeff." I'm pretty sure it should say in favor of John. I wont be able to make it to Nova, but I will really be looking forward to watching these missions live. Hopefully you guys will have cameras set up again! Heck, for quality live coverage of Nova I would even pay a small fee if absolutely necessary. The missions look interesting and fun though! I think armies on the extremes (MSU or death star) will have an edge because they will either be able to win by board control or attrition. Just my .02 ;)

  2. Hey Mike, Question for you... In your Newsletter, you said that only 2 sources may be taken for army construction. Could I get a little clarification? Does that mean that if Player Joe has Ultramarines as his primary detachment, he can then take Imperial Fists (same Codex) as his allied detachment, then take Knights from Codex: Imperial Knights (Different Codex)?

  3. Regarding kill points. Unit A shoots at a bastion containing an enemy unit B. Unit A explodes the building. The building damage results kill unit B. Does that count as a kill point or was the building exploding part of game mechanics that are discarded?

  4. I really wish you weren't allowing Imperial Knights.