Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Classing it Up at AdeptiCon 2014

Writing from a mobile hotspot as we make our final 30 minute run into AdeptiCon 2014 in Lombard, IL.

This year I'll be teamed with Tony Kopach, Neil Gilstrap, and Kurt Clauss. We're calling ourselves "Business Athletic," a play off "Business Casual." We'll let attendees and forthcoming photos explain why.

I'm tempted to slip into the 40k singles after all tomorrow .... presuming the inevitable wait list evaporation. Despite the likely struggles it'd face, I'll bring a slimmed version of my BFS Eldar/Space Wolves list should participation occur.

On Friday I'll be participating in the Two-Front Doubles along with Neil, while Tony and Kurt team up as well. For this event I'll likely be fielding ....

5 Wave Serpents, Servo Inquisitor, 3 Hawk Squads (yup, pretty boring, but it's what I've got models for at 1500 points)

Meanwhile I think Neil will be running some form of mini-Ovesa.

In the team event we're running serpents and other goodies, four easy to play identical lists that should be competitive enough without yielding a stressful weekend experience.

I can't personally bring myself to play any of the Bro-stars, but that doesn't mean I won't play decent lists :)

AdeptiCon is always a really fun social experience, and an excellent one for making positive contacts within the hobby. Snag me if you see me ... look for the vest :) ... I'll be at Giordano's talking with other hobby names and TOs about the state of the game while enjoying good pizza (the Giordano's closest to the Lombard Westin).

That'll do for typing from the car for now ... I'll try to update photos and results and the like as the weekend goes on, but never any promises when at AdeptiCon, always one of the best events on the annual calendar.

In other news, take a gander at the concept art for the Virtue, the unique race generated and built as part and parcel of the NOVA Open Narrative over the past several years. Artwork by Cedric Debled.

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  1. Gino's East. Corn meal deep dish crust. You will not regret it, unless you are already on your last belt loop!