Saturday, April 5, 2014

Adepticon Team Tournament Time

It's been a great week and the weekend's big event is upon us. With nearly 500 players, the adepticon team tournament is the largest 40k event on the planet!

Our team, Business Athletic (pix to explain later), will be running quad fire dragon / hawk / jetbike / serpent eldar. We all played in the two front doubles event along with 38 other teams yesterday (80 players, many quite good) and collectively went 12-0, securing both best overall and warmasters (Kurt and Tony edged me and Neil by two battle points out of a possible 195).

On the way for Neil and me, our toughest match came against Aaron Aleong and Hans Krueger, two mighty GT winners in their own right, but we were able to eke a win over them, 54-40.

The team tournament is so huge, with so many variables and so many great people, all you can do is sit back, roll some dice, and enjoy the ride.

So here we go!


  1. Clearly got all our luck out on day one, so dreading tomorrow. 177/180 bp and the lead.

  2. You mean I had a chance to meet you face to face!!!! Glad you were doing well. We (Battle Mallet) just threw something together last minute, brought a brand new player and ended up doing waaay better than we expected. This was our first year, so we were just testing the water. We all had a blast, and are looking forward to next year!