Wednesday, January 15, 2014

NOVA Open Newsletter 40K Survey - Take IT!

The NOVA Open January 15 Newsletter just went out. If you were a subscriber, you received it. If you aren't a subscriber and want to be (We send 1 newsletter every 1st and 15th of the month), e-mail

The newsletter includes all the draft primers completed for various events at NOVA.
There's some awesome Narrative story development too.
Also it's a really LONG Newsletter but please read this one; it gives a lot of info that'll help you prep for registration on February 1.

A lot of our events ended up selling out last year. Our SuperNOVA VIP bag program didn't make it out of February even. Registration has been heavier every year. Don't miss out! Sign up early! Figure out what you want to participate in and reg for it! SuperNOVA blurb below.

Think hard and act quickly!  The SuperNOVA Pass is typically the first registration item to sell out.
In the beginning, the NOVA Open offered VIP Bags - and they were good. In fact, they were better than good because they actually wereKRMulticase Backpack2's filled with a VIP T-shirt and amazing swag from NOVA and its sponsors.

In 2013, the NOVA Open "VIP bags" grew into a full-blown SuperNOVA program with the introduction of the SuperNOVA Registration, Bag Check, KR's offering of bag choices + specialty "Buy One Get One Free" (BOGO) coupons for KR card cases, and the inclusion of army-specific swag. This last item always raises the question, "What?" SuperNOVAs tell us what their favorite armies are, and our incredibly awesome NOVA Open sponsors include swag tailored just for that army!

This year, KRMulticase offers 3rd Year SuperNOVAs the chance to select a third bag, the Kaiser3, and coloured foam custom or regular trays are in the BOGO program! The SuperNOVA slots go FAST. In 2014, they will only be 80 offered on a first-come/first-serve basis to those who first purchase the Convention Access Pass.
*1stYear SuperNOVAs receive KRBP2; 2nd Year SuperNOVAs choose between KRBP2 or KRK2; 3rd Year & Over SuperNOVAs choose between KRBP2KRK2 or KRK3.

Very importantly for 40K folks, there's a survey linked within it covering preferences for things like Escalation and Forgeworld and everything in between. Please take time to fill it out candidly and completely if it's relevant to you (its questions are relevant to the Narrative and GT respectively).

Your answers will help us in making wise decisions for our past and prospective attendees in terms of the types of things we include or exclude from the various 40K events at NOVA this year.

 - Mike


  1. I am glad you are doing this.

  2. Like the survey. The comp question for me is very much a dependent question (so I answered that it would not directly impact my attendance). What I mean is there are plenty of comp changes that would not impact my attendance. But some might.

    1. That's sort of the intent; if enough people give a thumbs up to rules changes / comp / bans / etc., we can perform a subsequent survey targeting more specific ideas.

      Presently that is generally much more opposed than supported, however.

    2. I feel like you have to talk about 2+ rerollable separately, anyway, though. There are lots of people who are opposed to COmpt/rules changes generally but are favor in that one, specific case.

    3. Which is where I disagree, I'm much more for talking about it overall than in one case. Now maybe one case is all that gets changed. But asking one specific question is a bad method because most people not playing with that army/rule will be for that comp because it does not effect them at all. In the new missions thus far in testing I don't feel like comp is needed. But it also would not stop my attendance in any way unless I felt it was unfairly targeted (not necessarily the 2+ thing, as I don't care as much about that but I have seen some comp systems whole sale nerf daemons, and leave most other armies unscathed. Which would keep me away.)