Monday, July 15, 2013

Next Charity Tourney - July 27 at Brittany's Bar in Woodbridge, VA - NOVA Invitational Alternate, Charity for a Good Cause

OK guys,

First we did it in a backyard, now we're doing it in a bar! Thanks to a little coordinating help from the IFL, we'll be taking over Brittany's Bar in Woodbridge, VA for the next event, another 30-player cap, and a chance to try out the coolest full features of Torrent of Fire (including PLAYER MOBILE SELF SCORING!).
12449 Dillingham Square  Woodbridge, VA 22192

1850 Points
3 Rounds
Painting is NOT required, but you cannot win Best Overall if you are not painted.

The bar will be serving food and drink all day, and we'll be possibly getting them to set up a brunch menu for us to boot. Due to the easy access to food and drink without needing to leave the venue, we'll be shortening the lunch break a little as well.

Registration and the doors (And helping us shuffle tables in!) begins at 10:00AM
Round 1 - 10:45A (or as soon as all are present) - 1:15P
Round 2 - 1:45P - 4:15P
Round 3 - 4:45P - 7:15P
Breakdown - 7:15P - 7:35P
Awards - 7:35P - 8:00P

Schedule subject to amendment, but open/close-times will remain as they are (10A - 8P)

$25 donated to charity in order to Participate
You may donate up to $15 additional, in 3 $5 increments, in order to gain the following:
Charity Re-Roll:
May be used once / game. Permits the owner to re-roll ONE single roll for Warlord Traits, or randomly generated Psychic Powers. It must be used immediately after the result to be re-rolled occurs.

So, you could spend a total of $40 and have one re-roll of this sort per game. You could spend $0 and have 0. Every dollar will go directly to charity.

To register, simply go here:
And in the FOURTH bullet, where it says NOVA Open Charitable Foundation, enter a quantity of 25 (or 30, 35, or 40 if you want the re-rolls and to give more to the causes the Foundation supports).

Then, Checkout. When the people who run the Foundation (not me) tell me someone has donated the appropriate quantity, I'll add your name to the guest list.

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