Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hull Mounted Vehicle Weapons on Flyers at NOVA

Quick PSA -

To keep things fair, straightforward, as-rules-designed, and minimize Modeling for Advantage, all hull-mounted weapons (that's to say, ones that are limited to a 45-degree fire arc by rule) should be arc-determined perpendicular to the flight stand, parallel to the table. So, the angle at which you've modeled your hull mounted weapon will be more or less irrelevant to its arc of fire.

When in doubt, in order to measure arc of fire accurately and effectively, take any handy piece of paper, and fold it evenly along one of its 90 degree corners ... now you have a 45 degree arc to use for determining arcs of fire from the weapon.

Several quick PSA posts incoming over the next few days.

We're closing in on NOVA at this point ... things are getting crazy!


  1. so, is it 45* down angle, or 22.5* up and down? There is a lot if debate, and what Nova decides will have an influence over here in Australia. Cheers

    1. 22.5 in either direction ... up to a full 45 degrees of fire arc.

    2. While this is 100% clear in the rule book, I've seen a lot of players (both experienced and inexperienced) incorrectly assert that it's 45 degrees in either direction. In some these cases, people are clearly feigning ignorance, but in others they genuinely seem to be unaware.

      Either way, since you're already addressing the issue, it might be a good idea to be explicit on this point.

  2. Can you imagine it like a 45 degree cone?

  3. Seems like a stealth nerf to flyers to "give" them 22.5 up that they cannot use. Other flyers are on the same plane as them, so this ruling only serves to limit their ground shooting.