Friday, July 26, 2013

Brittany's Bar Charity Tournament 7/27 Update

Three new registrations for tomorrow's event came in today, and we're looking at a pretty good turnout.

Keep in mind, and I'll blast this out to attendees, they'll be serving game-table-side food all day, including a special breakfast offering at $8 for attendees. So, don't go eating ahead of time :)

Torrent of Fire live mobile scoring will be working, we've been playing around with it all week ... it's an exciting time!

If you're planning on attending, register ASAP by donating to the foundation.

 - Mike



    Live updates

    1. Any chance the lists will be posted?

      Torrent of Fire is quite handy. It took me a moment to figure out exactly where each data point was to be found, but once I understood the format, it was quite simple to use.

    2. Chip is planning to update all of the lists / scan all the lists in for each player, he just hasn't found the time yet.