Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Torrent of Fire Further Explained - from the Developers

Chip Boyd is one of the minds behind the development of Torrent of Fire, which has been teased about on this blog and in the NOVA Open newsletters.

Chip is the hobby-side expert for a major publications company putting forth a highly-supported, heavily developed suite of tools designed to make the tournament going experience even better for both attendees and interested spectators.

He took some time to sit down in front of a blinking red "record" light to share some of his personal thoughts on TOF and where it's going, and why it's being developed.


Meet Chip Boyd, the creator of Torrent of Fire and self-diagnosed 40k addict. He explains what you can expect this August, and how Torrent of Fire will give you the competitive edge that's been missing from our game. Join him in this revolution.

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