Sunday, June 9, 2013

Help a Cause Out - Work in Progress Photos of Charity Armies - DO NOT NEED TO BE AT NOVA TO WIN

A reminder quickly before the gorgeous photos - you do not need to attend the NOVA Open to win any of the armies. Moreover, the Charitable Foundation is fully independent of the NOVA Open, LLC. It's purely for charity, and that's where all the funds go!

BLOGGERS - Please, for a good cause, if you don't mind - give a shot at re-posting this on your own blogs and getting the word out. Every bit helps, a ton!

Some works in progress to whet your whistle.
Redemption of the Fallen, supporting Doctors Without Borders

Dan Withers of Valhalla Games has been posting some works in progress, and has finished a Rhino (click his site for more!):

You can see the very beginnings of Tim Williamson's award-winning techniques and talents on display as he begins some tactical marines (click HIS name for a lot more from his site, click "award-winning techniques" for an example):

I can't even bring myself yet to share Mike Cho's early work on Azrael.

Don't forget to check out The House of the Silent King for a very useful plug-and-play Necron detachment that's also getting the gorgeous treatment by Stiffneck Studios:

A special thanks to the board of the NOVA Open Foundation, and to the artists helping them out ... especially these rad graphics they've put together to logo each army:

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