Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Backyard BBQ for Charity - Vienna, VA, DC/MD/VA area, June 29 - RTT, Invitational Alternate

Anyone in the DC Metro region, this one's for you (and anyone who feels like a sunny weekend)
All proceeds will go to the NOVA Charitable Foundation (a formally organized, transparent, and entirely charitable 501c3), in direct support of Doctors Without Borders, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and Fisher House
Check out our charity raffles while you're at it (you need not attend the NOVA to win, or to support good causes!):

Saturday, June 29
This RTT has room for 16-30 spots
$30 registration fee covers food, beverage, and support for a good cause

1850 Points, no FW, painting is not required, but is rewarded, and is required for Best Overall
This will also be the first look anyone gets at Torrent of Fire

Sign up and pay registration by going to:
Select the fourth bullet, "Name of Charity: NOVA Charitable Foundation"
Increase quantity to 3 (So, $30)

Registration includes tournament materials, and if you show up we'll give you:
1 x Burger (fresh ground beef patties), 1 x Hot Dog (kosher beef dogs)
2 x bags of potato chips
4 x 12oz Bottled Water
2 x Tasty cold beverage tickets (Some variety will be available)
2 x tasty cold beverage tickets may be exchanged for 3 x additional waters
You'll need to bring an ID

LIMITED additional beverage/food will be available

NOVA Missions; NOVA Primer, expect missions 4-6:
3 Rounds, 2.5 hour rounds, 1 hour lunch, 30 minute 2nd break
9AM - 10AM Registration
10A - 12:30P - Round 1
12:30P - 1:30P - Lunch
1:30P - 4:00P - Round 2
4:00-4:30 - 2nd Break
4:30 - 7:00 - Round 3
7:30 - Awards

Awards -
Will be in the form of cash; scaling with registration #'s
Minimum $45 for Tournament Champion (highest BP + 3-0), Renaissance Man ([(Record X .9 + BP/Possible x .1)/10]/(Paint Score/100))
Minimum $45 for Best Painted
This will scale up to $90 cash for each award if we hit 30 players
The Renaissance Man will earn an ALTERNATE spot for the NOVA Invitational (

All proceeds support the NOVA Charitable Foundation (which raises money for Doctors Without Borders, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and Fisher House)

Dress for warm weather! There will be plenty of covered table space, but for those of us in better shape for the great outdoors, there will also be tables that can be enjoyed in the sun (optionally).

Address forthcoming, in Vienna, VA; this will happen in the lovely, large and sprawling yard and driveway space. The gaming area will be treated to remove / repel bugs prior to the event.

Please let us know any specific food allergies, restrictions, etc.

Thirty attendees is a HARD cap; if you want to attend, sign up!

More information forthcoming as I note errors or add more data. Please note, this is being put on by the NOVA Open in support of the NOVA Charitable Foundation; the two organizations are partners, but are not owned by the same individuals; no proceeds from or to the Foundation in any way impact or support the NOVA Open itself.


  1. This is getting more than just local in a hurry, with already 3 well-known players from the NE area planning on attending, a couple of southern / middle VA attendees, and now the word on the street is we may even have a certain popular podcaster driving his way up ...

  2. Are there still spots open for this weekend?