Friday, February 15, 2013

Looking for: Excellent Miniature Artists, for a Cause

The NOVA Open Charitable Foundation is acting as one of several sponsors of an up and coming project that the project-leaders themselves will share a lot more on soon. We're helping, along with several others, to coordinate the project.

Long and short, anyone who reads the blog and is pretty handy with painting a miniature ... if you'd be willing to take on literally 1-5 miniatures to paint over the next several months, toward a very good cause, drop an e-mail to

We have most of the miniatures covered by a fairly elite group of artists. But, there are a few odds and ends left, including some cooler figs, and we could use a hand.

The focus is on putting your heart into a small handful of miniatures, so there'll be no massive projects dropping on you here - more a very focused effort.


  1. Any hints as to what it is? What's the due date?

    I might be interested.

    1. Drop me an e-mail and I'll let you know :) ... Wouldn't be right for me to be the one breaking the news.

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