Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Death from the Skies Clarification

Just a quick clarification:

The NOVA will not go about violating any copyright laws, or even really infringing on anything. The point will not be to replicate or paraphrase the rules in some kind of sneaky way, but simply to create a situation where at our Independent tournament not requiring players to own a direct order booklet containing only a couple of pages of rules in order to use rules that are officially updated in GW FAQ and digital mediums.

Just b/c a couple of people are concerned we might get sued ... we won't :) ... and we aren't doing anything aimed at sticking it to the man or sneakily providing the community free rules. The point simply is, in example - if you want to use Stormtalons at their updated points, you're not going to have to own an iPad or Death from the Skies for us to allow you to at NOVA 13.

1 comment:

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