Thursday, February 21, 2013

American Craft Cocktail & American Craft Beer Seminars Possibly Coming to the 2013 NOVA

These are still in the works, but rest assured they're coming ... will likely be evening events Fri/Sat, with limited attendance, hosted in the Presidential Suite. Little bit of love to Dan from Tectonic Craft Studios for the idea, and for his likely support/sponsorship of the Beer Seminar. Whiskey & 40k will be bringing you the Cocktail Seminar.

Anticipate a couple of hours, with the first spent on education, and the second spent on putting your education to work while socializing with fellow gamers. These'll be classed up a little, and not drink-all-you-want bingefests.


  1. This bothers me Mike. I've been holding out going to a NOVA so far, purely because it's impossible for me to take a vacation around that time. Now you get craft beers involved, and I'm supposed to sit by and hold out?

    Pain in the...

  2. so, I know beer is basically a precursor to whiskey, but why not have a whiskey or Scotch tasting?

  3. Sounds cool, Mike! I love the whisky seminars at TempleCon, and they do beer and wine seminars too. This should be an excellent addition. If I make it to NOVA this year I'm definitely signing up for this.