Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Colonial GT, and, NOVA Registration Almost Open

So, we're getting a little excited over here. Registration for the NOVA Open 2013 is only a few days away, opening on Friday, Feb 1, at 12:00AM (so, really, late Thursday night).

BUT, for those of you looking to attend a radical event in the nearer term ... check out the Colonial GT, a veteran, fun, and well-run event brought to you in New England. The TO, Chris Nanry's, post below:

"Hey gang,
We have opened up the 2013 Colonial GT for registration for 40k and Warmachine!  This year really expands 40k, giving them 80 slots upstairs in our venue, and Warmachine moving into the main building!  The Colonial General Packet is up under the rules section, and I am finalizing the missions for 40k.  The Warmachine section should have their packet very soon, our Press Gangers are working hard to ensure that you have a fantastic time with an effieceint packet!  Please visit the web site to register and join us!  Our participants list will be updated as we recieve payment to secure slots, and I will be updating the resturant choices and hotels in the area for your pleasure. 
It is my pleasure to put this on for you,
Chris Nanry
Master Moulder
The Colonial GT"

Keep in mind one of the coolest things about the Colonial is ... apparently something along the lines of $1 brews all weekend long.

Chris asked me to attend, and I'd like to, although I'm not sure it'll be feasible all things considered. If I miss out, it'll be my loss!

AS an aside, if you're a TO out there and want a little more visibility for your event, let me know. I'm happy to promote anyone going through the hard work required to put on a tournament for others, regardless of format or style (i.e., the Colonial GT is a VERY different format from the NOVA, but loved by attendees regardless ... and so entirely bump-worthy!).


  1. @MVB, Colonial 40k room sits on top of a VFW Bar featuring insanely cheap drinks (such as the infamous $1 beers). not only that, you get to have awkward moments explaining little toy soldiers who actually were the real deal. Some great local eats as well. Good Ol'fashioned RTT format as well. We worth the trip if you can make it!

  2. Lol, I love how you say that it's not a NOVA format but people still like it. Haha!

    1. Tim you're ridic sometimes haha ... I mean to say, I'm a proponent of ALL formats. I want to make sure folks out there know I don't care what format a GT runs ... a good GT is a good GT :)