Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Registration Opens in Two Days ... Massive Magic Premium Shtuff ... Key Things That Will Sell Out Faster ... Geek Nation Tours

This is a CRAZY week for us.

EDIT: Just as an aside; Ed Sloman, who runs the awesome Baltimore area game shop Games and Stuff, has been granted Premium Event status by Wizards of the Coast for the two biggest (of a TON) of the Magic Events he's running from Thursday all the way through late Sunday at NOVA this year. There's a 300-player Saturday event (starting cap), and a 200-player Sunday event, each of which will be a Premium Event. I have NO IDEA yet exactly what this means, except that it's apparently a really awesome thing.

The final 40k GT and Invitational primer is complete, and it's DRAMATICALLY different in some key ways, as a direct result of awesome feedback from a veritable avalanche of players.

Please join our Facebook group ... there's a lot of healthy discussion kicking off there already, and we'll be putting a lot of stuff up.

I think that's the link.

We have a LOT of people lining up for VIP bags this year.
The swag inside gets better
If you have one already, or even if you don't, you'll be able to choose between a KR Kaiser2 Shoulder Bag, or a KR BackPack2. They each hold the same amount of minis. The Backpack is more convenient to carry around if you don't have one already, while arguably the Kaiser2 has better pocket space. I have one of each myself.

The Bag will be limited edition and NOVA kitted up again. Also, KR is doing something cool.
If you buy a VIP bag, starting LAST year .. any NOVA you attend in the future (whether you VIP again or not) will carry a bonus voucher from KR personalized for you that grants you a KR modular case (the building block of their system, and around a 50-55 dollar value) free with the purchase of one. Basically, KR's giving NOVA VIP people a lifetime annual $50-55 value, as long as they've VIP'ed once. Who knows what they might do for multi-VIP's in the future.

Also, you'll have to list not just your shirt size for this year's VIP bag, but the army you play (if you play one). I'm not telling yet why that might benefit you, but imagination wandering is fine.

Anyway, VIP bags are something you'll want to snag fast ... no idea how long they'll last, but some people have let us know they're lining up for reg this year not b/c of fear of the GT selling out, but out of fear of the VIP bags selling out.

Finally, and this is a big one ...

Geek Nation Tours has been working with us to design a really awesome tour of DC, Old Town Alexandria, and Gettysburg National Battlefield Park. It's a week-long trip bracketing the NOVA and wrapping up on Labor Day, and I'm not going to spoil the details. Suffice to say, if you are traveling to the NOVA (And if you have a spouse or a girlfriend who wants to join as well), you'll really want to check it out before you confirm your flights and such. It actually has me excited, and I'm not the type to usually geek out (heh) over this sorta thing. Teras, who runs Geek Nation, is also pretty awesome in that he was sure to get some tips from the locals on the really best places to eat and drink. Stay tuned ... we'll link up his tour on the NOVA site when he finishes polishing it off, which should be ready to go before registration opens on Friday.

PSA done, back to finishing up edits on all our event primers!


  1. Hi Mike,

    I have a question for you. This War Machine flanks tournament, is that a normal War Machine tournament? Or does it have special rules/require a special expansion book to play?

  2. I for one will be staying up late to try to get a VIP bag...

  3. I'll holler at the WM guys.

    Gornall - registration is likely to open Friday afternoon/evening ... this is a new change. Just don't want you up unnecessarily :p

    1. Bah... just now saw this! I guess sleep is over-rated anyway. lol

  4. Hey Mike, I made the mistake of purchasing my VIP bag before reading this thread. I didn't put my army on there because I thought you meant like Army colored (Green) or traditional black.

    I'll be bringing my 40K Chaos Space Marines to Nova!!!

  5. Have just encountered your page and I guess you should be complimented for this piece. More power to you!

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