Tuesday, January 8, 2013

NOVA Invitational Qualifier, New Paint System Testing, First Final Primer Event

Numerous members of the NOVA Open team will be helping run a tournament at Huzzah Hobbies in Loudon County on Saturday, February 2.

EDIT: In order to register, Chris - the owner of Huzzah Hobbies - has this to say:
To sign-up they can call the store (703) 466-0460, stop by or e-mail me huhncc@comcast.net


This event will use our FINAL Primer Packet, with substantial revisions from the current draft primer being playtested all over the world. This year's Chief 40k Judge, Mike Somerville, will be acting in that role at the event. Mike "Shades" Schaefer, Bob Likins and I will be rolling out our revamped appearance scoring system and giving it a shot there. Prizes should be pretty decent, and I believe there are a max of 26 spots.

Jon Pryts and James Watkins of NOVA staff are the primary organizers for the event, and I believe the plan is to reward a grand prize the Renaissance Man (50% competitive, 50% appearance), and equivalent smaller prizes to all the Tournament Aces (those who finish the three round event undefeated).

I do not believe painting is required, but it is naturally quite recommended, since it'll be key to winning the grand prize!

A note: Shades and Bob have been putting a lot of time into a revamped appearance scoring process. There'll be a number of innovations key to it, and we'll get Shades to put a few blog posts together to talk about it in the near future.

Reminder to all - registration opens on Feb 1. This will be especially important for those events with limited seating, or things with limited availability. Our VIP bags are back and bigger than ever (more to come), and we've received numerous e-mails asking what time registration opens so people can ensure they get one (last year's were AMAZING, this year's are even better thanks to our sponsors, especially KR).

Anyone who purchases a NOVA-KR VIP bag will also be getting a special lifetime bonus - every year after the year you acquire the VIP, you'll earn the ability to get 2 $50 KR Custom Cases for the price of 1. Yup, Daryl over at KR is giving a lifetime benefit to repeat NOVA attendees who were at one point a VIP.

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