Monday, October 1, 2012

The "14" Project - Hive Fleet Dendrobates

Because the initial inspiration came from Dendrobates Azureus (a species I used to keep and breed in my early 20's during the animal career phase), I'm going with either Hive Fleet Azureus, or Hive Fleet Dendrobates.

I subsequently diverged from the theme pretty wildly, but color choices and decisions not to paint too many drastically different colors when an animal's skin would not change all the time were still factors.

I'm not finished ... the army is tabletop ready for the BFS if needed, but if I have more time this week I have a TON of detail work I need to do, especially on the larger models. It "pops" when it's actually deployed out, so I'm happy with it ... I just have more to do, either before or after BFS.

The "14" in the Project is for ordering, building, and painting an army to a striking color scheme and solid enough tabletop quality in 14 days. This is now mission accomplished. I'm awaiting my KR custom foam for the army, which Daryl was super responsive on. More on that when I get the foam.

I asked Daryl about the foam and gave him the precise #'s of what I'd need on Friday. I'll have them in a day or two direct from England, at a steady rate (my understanding is KR wraps its shipping rates into its box costs, which are still cheaper than some companies /ahem/ ... so there are no big unexpected costs once you check out).

Anyway, here are the WIP shots at present. Again, I consider the army tabletop ready / legal / striking in appearance, but nowhere near a high caliber paint job or "finished" in that I have tons of detail work to pick out.

These models had for the most part not even been paid for as of 14 days ago. Note my droid camera sucks, i.e. picture number one has far more black/grey/white ... the only "blue" is on the actual alien parts, exclusively.

Babymaker Platform - my droid camera sucks, it's black/grey/white with blue on the alien parts only



Awaiting KR Foam and Detail Work


  1. Looks great! I hope to get a better view at BfS this weekend. Good luck!

    1. Thanks Dan,

      Maybe we'll get a chance to play! I'm going with a much more laid back set of goals this time. It'd be cool to go 3-3 but I'm mostly just looking forward to the great bfs socializing!