Monday, October 1, 2012

Display Boards Quick and Easy

So, I took some pink foam, a few terrain piece type bits that were lying around (And that happened to match what I used for the Zoanthrope hover-assists), and put together a display board.

If I have time, I'll go have framing cut for the sides and back to better protect it. The front will remain as is for effect. I based it with foamcore underneath, so that it can slide around on textured tables and such easier w/out dinging up all the foam underneath.

This was quick and easy to do. As it was glue drying for the foamcore underneath, I mocked out where the models would lie on the dining table, and where the terrain would be, etc. Then I stuck it on the board. As usual, I'm using my droid camera on the fly, so apologies for poor picture quality!

After the display dried underneath, I stuck on the pieces in the appropriate location. Once dry, it was on to base coating and airbrushing.

Airbrushing was easy, and I stuck with dark and simple colors plus some bright spots to make sure it contrasted well with the army (Which it does, though I Fear the pics don't show it well due to stupiddroid).

I wanted to have more than just black and white for the display, and I have a psychic power themed army, so I decided the hoverbugs and monsters would have a psychic "aura" in the appropriate color. I placed them, then bursted the correct areas using an aibrush detail attachment for some poor man's OSL on the board.

Here's placing the big guys back down, to show the point of the blue.

 And here's all the models partying on the board. For display they go something like this. For moving around the tourney hall they jam much closer to the center together.

This sharing is meant for hobbyists like ME - people who aren't great at the artistic side, don't have a lot of time, but want a nice army that people will say relatively nice things about on the tabletop at a tournament or a local game night. You too can have a cool display board and a decently painted army in a very short period of time!


  1. Holy hell - I may skip a car payment to pick up an airbrush if I thought I could finish my nids that fast! Stupiddroid or no, cant wait to see 'em. There will be at least one other nid player there this weekend; not sure of the build though, probably nidzilla. Family visiting from out of state or I would be there too. Good luck!

  2. The idea of the psychic aura OSL on the display board is an awesome and original idea. Thanks for the great idea and something relatively easy to execute.

  3. Mike, your army and display board are pretty nice looking. Good color choices and who can beat the time-input? The techniques used, what most hobbyists strive to conceal in their work, are obvious, but still, not bad at all.

    I actually thought you'd never manage to bust that army out in time, thanks for proving me wrong. Are you using a Grex?

    Someone mailed me one. I have some ideas who might have done's pretty awesome and I am super thankful to have the friends I do.

    1. Grex, and for detail work I had a fine attachment for my two Badgers.

      I'm glad you received the Grex! There certainly was a rumor you'd be getting one ;) (though I have no idea who)

      After the shots last night I went and detailed them up ... tongues, eyes, teeth, bit of claw work. Brought everything together.

      I'm glad the techniques are obvious and not concealed :p ... the army looks good / striking "on the tabletop," but I don't deserve much more than that for it!

    2. You can give yourself more credit than that. Hell, the army looks great! Few people would even consider trying to pull off such a feat. You've done a bang-up job.

    3. BTW, how do you like the pistol grip? I am still getting used to it. I see you switch to the badger at times...those smaller brushes are easier to manipulate...

    4. The pistol grip is easy to use if you have had experience with any sort of HVLP the one used for all the NOVA terrain :)

      The standard airbrush has the same sort of 'feel' as the 'hairy stick' so you've already developed the muscle memory for it.

      There is an advantage to having two airbrushes...although not to the wallet :S

      What do you mean by 'detail attachment' Mike? A smaller needle, or something else? And what paints did you use?

  4. It is interesting how airbrushing techniques can achieve such high-quality effects, with such a short amount of time. Honestly, if one gamer per club had an airbrush, and was willing to share, I think we would see far less grey plastic out there.

    Again, excellent work. That full-army pic is sick!

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