Thursday, September 13, 2012

Local Heads Up - Blood Bowl Season - All Welcome

Just a quick note to all locals:

We'll be having a Blood Bowl season here from October through December. Playoffs will be in January, coincident with NFL playoffs.

This is a low-impact, beginner-friendly (but veteran-inclusive) league, and is a great way to both meet other local gamers, and learn Blood Bowl.

We'll be having a learning day very soon, for people to get a better feel for the game, hear about league-specific rules, and try things out / see if they like it. Once the league starts in October (proxies and unpainted teams allowed for the first month), you'll only have 3 games a month you need to play, typically scheduled along geographical lines (so people closer to you in the region will be your more regular opponents each month).

We'll host once/month Blood Bowl nights and/or days to make up games you haven't had, and otherwise you schedule with your opponents at discretion.

More info for those interested, so as not to clutter up the blogosphere. Send me an e-mail at if interested. I'll send out the league's prep e-mail with all interested parties in a couple of days.

Note - this is just an INTEREST request, not a COMMITMENT request. If you'd like to meet some good folks, try out the game, see what it's like, and decide after you get a feel, that's the whole point! Also, do note that Blood Bowl is a very low model count, very easy set-up/break-down game, and takes - at most - 2 hours to play (if you literally burn every second of your 4 minutes/turn clock).

 - Mike


  1. I'd be interested in the learn to play/demo event just to see the game and meet some of the local players.

  2. oh yay! I love me some blood bowl...