Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Upcoming Events - Adepticon, Colonial GT, Etc.

Morning all,

Well, it's been busy at work, I was sick all last week, and some free time is invariably being spent on Adeptiteam prep.

Speaking of which, Adepticon is just around the corner ... easily the largest 40k event of the year is the Adepticon Team Championship, bringing together 440 players for a one-day Saturday event.  Adepticon has also dramatically improved its 40k Singles offering this year, moving from a very indeterminate 3-round battle points system to a largely single elim 4 round + 4 finals rounds format.  They've taken a page from the book of Epic with multiple accomplishable objectives per round, where wining more of the objectives than your opponent secures a win for the round.  Ties are still possible, with the top 16 players from Day 1 (a Friday) advancing to Sunday's Sweet Sixteen finals.  This event sold out quickly, and I got one of the spots; I'm still trying to decide if I'll participate, and in what capacity.

Lists I've considered bringing range from "competitive" to "lolzybad"


Straken + Proper Kit + Chimera + Dozer - 325
Yarrick - 185
10 x Ogryns - 410
6 x Meltavets in Chimeras - 930

Is an example of lolzybad, throwing the vets and chimeras and Straken that I already have prepped/painted/etc., and adding a hilarious full size foot squad of Ogryns led by Yarrick.  I've actually built and painted 3 of my converted up River Trollgryns already, and just have to finish painting The Commissaur, a Yarrick counts-as represented by a Skink with a massive power axe and an Angelus bolter, holding the same pose as Yarrick.

If I didn't want to get any more River Trollgryns built up, I'd go with something more like:

Straken + proper kit + Chimera - 315
Yarrick + 3 Ogryns in Chimera - 370
5 x Meltavets in Chimeras - 775
3 x Vendettas - 390

Again, shoehorning in Yarrick and the Ogryns while filling out with models I have painted and ready to go.

Alternately, I could go with a standardized 1850 straken guard build:

Straken + Standard Kit + Krak Grenades + Astro + Chimera - 350
Grey Knight Brother Captain w/ Hood (Last Hurrah for this guy) - 81
Guardsman Marbo - 65
2 x Meltavets w/ Shotguns, 3 Meltas, Chimera, Bolt Pistol Sarge (yar!) - 314
4 x Meltvates w/ No Bolt Pistol - 620
3 x Vendettas w/ Heavy Bolters - 420

So I have pondering still to do in this category of things ....

In other news, if you aren't going to Adepticon (or even if you are), the week immediately afterward is the Colonial GT.  This is a major legacy event in New England, and they've added 40k this year; it's piloted by the gregarious, and ever affable and competent Chris Nanry, and it also has a couple of free 40k GT and Fantasy GT tickets for the 2011 NOVA Open.  GO.


  1. And I might end up bringing tyranids!

  2. Go with the standard straken or Yarrick+3 Orgs if you wanna show some flash...

    If you win with the latter it'd blow some minds, I'd love to see what BOLS would post about it. Don't throw it all away with 10 though.