Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bad Attitudes and Dread Babies!

Here we have pictured the brand new Grey Knight Dreadknight Model, which is SUPER BADASS, AM I RIGHT?

Hero of the Imperium right there. 

Also, just going to go ahead and call it on the PSYFLEMAN DREAD being a mainstay in army lists after the Infant Transporter of Doom (ITD).  Not mine, mind you, but, definitely in a lot of them ... reinforced aegis for GK gunlines + quad twin-linked s8 shots / turn on a non-shake/stunnable platform.

I think the GK codex is going to be really good and really bad.  First, the ability to affordably spam 70+ S7 rending shots with good range per turn in a meta-bucking mostly foot army is ... well, going to be problematic for a lot of basic players for a while.

I think it will have a ton of builds, and that's a good thing ... there won't be a "this is the best" and there won't be just a smallish handful.  I also think it will be somewhat easy to build a competitive enough build ... there will be a lot of armchair generals and commenters who suddenly think much more highly of their abilities ... and that's fine.  Also, psyspam will prove problematic for "pure" MSU armies that rely on cheaped out shooty transports and platforms (like razorback spam).  Psy defense becomes a bigger deal, but not THAT big a deal ... it's more that if you have really strong psy defense and can keep it alive, GK are going to freaking hate you.

In other news, Blood of Kittens posted up about the winner of the St. Valentine's Massacre, and basically went on a mini-rant since it was Guard, suggesting the list probably had all the "standard" Guard list inclusions, and was a big yawner, yatta yatta.

What is the problem with people these days in this hobby?  That approach to just starting off with antagonistic and negative viewpoints still resides, and I swear it's getting old.  Why not just congratulate the winners and say good show on an event that was well-received by those who attended?  Why the need to editorialize with bullshit presuming it was a "boring" list and implicitly condemning the winner?  It's that kind of needlessly negative crap that makes Tasty a hard person to trust with articles and data about your own events.  It's that kind of needlessly negative crap that makes this hobby such a turn-off sometimes.

It's Ash Wednesday, and I'll be following last year by giving up booze outside of with meals (as I tend to prefer a beer or two with dinner to a coke or two with dinner, just for the taste), and never in great excess even at meals.  Since I'm hardly a perfect Catholic, and just like last year, I'll be suspending this for Adepticon :)


  1. Everyone thinks they can be the center of the 40k internet universe right now if they can just emo the hardest.

    In a weak moment last week, I emo'ed out with a post about a well know 40k ePersonality on my tiny blog, and got more page hits in a day than I had gotten all year so far. It's not just that people are posting obnoxious stuff, it's that as a community we reinforce that behavior by consuming it so readily.

  2. Why don't you make Tasty happy and give up IG for Lent? ;)

  3. IG is half our Adeptiteam army so I can't! :)

    Honestly if I had an army that was GT painted (to as well as I can pull off anyway) as my IG are, I would play with other armies that I own more routinely. Also, my Tyranid just take too long to play for tournaments (lots of tervigons).

  4. Why not commission me to paint said other armies???

  5. Tim, your work is amazing and I would if that's something I did, but I am rather proud of the fact that I've painted every model I've owned since starting my IG to a pretty good TT quality on my own :)

    By the way, if anybody DOES want to commission work ... seriously go with Tim's stuff.

  6. If we don't bitch and complain and be polarizing on the internet nobody will read our stuff.

  7. Mike, good comments on the GK and I generally agree. However, I think we going to see a few parking lots with twin psycannon rhinos. I am also interested to see whether the GKT as troops combat squadding with two psycannons for gunline and 5 in your face I6 termies won't be common.

    As you said, lots of fun builds in this one... even if we don't get to do melta spam ;)

  8. Honestly, I'm glad we're getting Space Marines that can't melta-spam. Every other one of my lists has piles of 'em, and I'm getting bored with it. Mechanized Marines with my homegrown 'dex, meltas. Biker list, meltas. Thunderwolves, meltas.

    I'm still trying to figure out what works in this new book for me, but I'm liking it a lot so far. Psyker-heavy and close-combat lovers? It's like my own Chapter, but shinier!