Thursday, January 13, 2011

Staff Call - NOVA Open 2011

So, I'm open to additional staff for the NOVA Open in 2011.

Here's various staff I could still use ...

1) Rules judges for 40k, both for the Invitational and the GT
2) Runners and Grunts - People who just want to participate on a day or two of the weekend
3) Appearance Scoring Judges

The qualifications for each should be obvious.  The perks so far are as follows:

1) Significant discounts or one-time use coupons for some of our big sponsors
2) Free weekend badge
3) Cool t-shirt (seriously, I work hard with the graphics designers at the company who provides our staff shirts to design reusable, fitted graphic jersey T's for Staff ... not just an oversized, ill-fitting and "I'll never wear this dorky thing again" type shirt)
4) Freedom to participate in events you wish to participate in ... volunteer for portions of the weekend, or for the whole thing.

We have a pretty healthy staff return from last year, but we'll need more this year ... I've fielded a lot of offers, but it's time to start bringing the team together more solidly.  E-Mail me on this one, please -

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