Monday, January 3, 2011

New NOVA Invitational Qualifying Spots

As those who follow know, the NOVA Invitational is a 5-round hardcore competitive 40k tournament happening on the Friday before the major NOVA Open 8-round 256 person GT, on August 26 of this year.

It'll be awarding a $1,000 cash prize to the 5-0 Best General (Tournament Champion) and a $1,000 cash prize to the 50% competitive / 50% appearance high scoring Best Overall (Renaissance Man).  Thirty Two spots, 5 rounds, one day, arguably will be the toughest competitive field in the country, followed of course by the even tougher, but much larger 40k GT.

We've added 3 Invitational spots to Mike Clark's upcoming year at Showcase Comics.  The Saint Valentine's Day Massacre will award its Best General and Best Overall an Invitational spot each ...

Additionally, I'll be personally running a NOVA primer at Showcase sometime in July (the month before the Open, and TBD) with 32 spots, at which the single 5-0 will get an Invite to the Invitational.

Sign up for the SVDM, folks - it's in Pennsylvania, and within easy reach of a variety of spots.  More importantly, Mike's a good guy - one of those fellas in the hobby who spends a lot of time running tournaments and improving his product, learning from what he's done wrong and right.

EDIT - The Conflict GT will also have 2 spots for its 40k event that will qualify people for the NOVA Invitational.

Happy New Year!
 - Mike


  1. Thanks to Vaden for catching it - I had the old SVDM link up there, full of composition scoring/etc.

    The new link for the new announce is now up. My B.

  2. Something you might want to clarify ahead of time; does the invitation go to the second place guy if the first place guy already has one?

  3. Also, I take it the only way for those of us not resident in the US is pick up a spot in the invitational is to enter and win one of the qualifying events in the US earlier in the year.

    I'm not sure I can spring for two sets of airline tickets...