Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Next NOVA Invitational Spot - SPRUE POSSE GRAND PRIX

Good luck to all the high cal participants attending the Sprue Posse Grand Prix this weekend, out in California.

Information about the event can be found here, and the blog linked (Chaos Wins!) will probably be the first place to find updates.


  1. More info

    Participant List:

    Dakka Informational Thread:

    FYI there is ONE TICKET remaining for this event. If you are interested please sign up via paypal using the "buy now" button in the upper right hand corner of my blog:

    I hope to live blog this event this weekend and have all the army lists up early next week.

  2. Congratulations to Dave Fay for capturing the Sprue Posse Grand Prix championship! Dave weathered a brutal field of competitors to a 4-0-1 record with his Nurgle Chaos Space Marines and captured not only the Best Generalship award but the Best Overall Renaissance Man Award as well.

    Coverage can be found here: