Monday, November 1, 2010

Well then ... 40k GT --> 256?

I promise "real posts" this week on the blog, about a number of subjects, including the "first" primer missions for the NOVA Invitational and NOVA Open next year.

But, a quick note for any that want to pre-register for the 40k GT but just haven't yet, we hit 187 pre-registrations earlier this morning.  While a pre-registration isn't a confirmation of attendance, that number is probably going to escalate rapidly as we get closer to the date.  I would pre-register now if I were you!

Again, more "real" posts to come,
 - Mike


  1. Wait, how is no one giving Mike credit for the great picture?

    Humperdink saying, "I would pre-register now If I WERE YOU!!!" come on, that's awesome!

  2. Maybe I should have made a comment about Guilder, or suggested that anyone who doesn't and fails to get into the tournament shall be very put out.

  3. Looking forward to next year and just pre-registered this morning, I'm a bit bummed I missed the initial announcement with work/life getting in the way recently.

    The email was definitely crucial, else I would have completely forgotten until the event was actually close!

    As a clarification, I had a couple friends thinking of coming, if not for the tournament then for the other festivities/etc., this pre-registering is for tourney-goers only, and more slots then the 256 will be open for people just looking to attend?

  4. We'll have a variety of events going on, with weekend badges as a basic purchase ala AdeptiCon. So, yes your friends will be able to snag weekend badges and enjoy the event to whatever extent they like.