Monday, November 22, 2010

The NFL is About to Make Me Sick

I'm crazy busy at work ... and while I'm excited about my Redskins winning yesterday, I'm still haunted by the horrific coaching performance put on by Jim Haslett and Kyle Shanahan against the Eagles just a week ago.

Is anyone else disgusted by the impending PLU strike (aka raping-of-fans)?  The players and coaches and owners all are employed and gain revenue by virtue of the product they provide - entertainment, for fans.  Our love and adoration has elevated their sport to incredible levels of profit and success, that improve every year as the league reaches greater and greater levels of talent saturation and parity.

It should be embarrassing to them that they haven't resolved this yet, and should further be a focal point of all they do and think every single day to resolve the issue and not threaten the future of the sport and the enjoyment of the fans.  Strikes are CRIPPLING to a sport's following, and to its integrity - any problems that are systemic to the entire infrastructure are, in fact.

Yeah, I'm pointing at you, Baseball Steroid Scandal.

I feel like there's nothing we as fans can do to hurry them up - they've come to the point where their customers are not the target of consideration.  I grew up watching Joe Gibbs win 3 Super Bowls, with my family and all friends always there for a big spread and beers every Sunday during football season.  We still uphold that tradition.  Anyone who lives in the DC area is more than welcome every Sunday for a massive TV and an awesome spread of food.  Hell, I've even played organized football on and off in various forms for over a decade.  I love this sport, and I love the game at its professional level.  It's so much more infinitely complex and subtle than people outside the game give it credit for, and even more so in comparison to other popular sports such as basketball, hockey, baseball and soccer.

For the love of all that is good and holy, can we please not have a dagger of mistrust and anger jabbed into us as fans?  I don't want to watch scrubs play the game for a year, watch our favorite players and teams all get out of their rhythms, and have our confidence in the NFL's and players' commitment to their fans/customers be permanently damaged.

Anywho, back to work!


  1. I stopped watching major league baseball following their last strike. Millionaires on strike is just stupid to me - no if ands or buts about that as far as I'm concerned.


  2. I don't see an NFL strike happening. In the end, both sides make more money if the players play. The NBA, that's a different story...

    By the by, you may know this as a Washington fan, if that's Dan Snyder in the NFL women's apparel commercial getting a Redskins jersey tossed at him? This is the same commercial that ends with Alyssa Milano and is run about 10 times every game.

  3. I vote we get congress to invoke precedent:

  4. I'd suggest NCAA instead, but after Cal getting their arses handed to them against Stanfurd this weekend I'm not sure if I want to. :(

  5. I agree that I don't want the NFL to strike next year. Thought unless something change soon I think it is unavoidable.

    And while I agree football is a complex game, I have to say it is just as complex as an of those other games you mentioned, well except maybe baseball. As with football, the complexity only really show if you are a fan and watch/play the game regularly. Being a basketball player all my life and not really a football fan until a few years ago, I had the same feeling about football as the less complex game compared to basketball that you expressed the other way around. And if you don't think Hockey or Soccer are complex then you are missing many many levels to both games and the strategy and timing behind both.

  6. No, I'm a fairly big fan of all of them, Jay. I've also played several, including baseball all my life. All are far more complex than anyone gives them credit for; I just give Football the MOST credit for complexity, increased in that regard by the absurdly competitive nature of it on "all sides of the ball" (even in relation to the other sports at their professional level). Another subject to discuss altogether, of course.

  7. All i care is that the Skins actually won. : ) I know it's only a film, but the local guys playing in the mud and rain in the film Invincible now that's REAL Football.

  8. The only good thing to come from a strike or lock-out, whatever, will be a chance to finally be rid of Bret Favre. First him, then Danny Snyder. Think we could get Ted Leonsis to buy the Redskins;) At least they have a shot at the play-offs this year. And just think, if there is a 'work stoppage' the Scabskins come back. And a chance for a sequel to that movie with Keanu Reeves... Oh please let there be no strike. For the love of all that is holy.

  9. This has been a great season so far though, in terms of parity.

    Even Buffalo is putting up close games.

  10. I blame owners. Its an owner lockout not a player strike. Its almost a distinction without a difference but it lets me hate the owners more who do basically nothing but inflate the market and then complain about it.