Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Charity BBQ Update - Address, Parking, Weather Contingencies, Extras, ITC Points Request - ALL Proceeds Supporting Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Hello All,

The Charity BBQ event is only a couple of days away, and we have a healthy turnout expected.

The address is:
1249 Kensington Road
McLean, VA 22101

This *IS* a personal residence - backyard BBQ by nature requires backyards!

There's a very limited amount of driveway parking
There's fairly extensive "street" parking a bit of a ways down Kensington Road
There's extensive strip mall / shopping center parking across Route 123 from the event

Park in the areas with red circles on the pic to the right.

Weather Contingencies:
The current forecast is iffy for a clear and sunny day.
As with our last outdoor tournament, the gaming tables will all be covered, protecting us from a sprinkle or quick shower.
If there's likelihood of a thunderstorm or two getting in the way of fun, the homeowner has graciously agreed to bring the tourney "indoors" and have kind of a crazy house party tournament. There's plenty of comfortable space either way.

So, the event will happen rain or shine.

Several of the organizers are musicians and will be playing through a fun set at lunch. No promises of quality, but live music!
Corn Hole and Bocce will be available for non-players to enjoy themselves.
Beer, non-alcoholic beverages, snacks, and extra burgers/dogs will be available at a small cost toward charity.

There's about $250 in miniatures available as prizes for each system!

Remaining Spots:
Each event is a lil over 2/3rds full, so we're expecting around 30-40 total gamers at present, along with another 10-20 non-playing attendees. This leaves room for any late joins - just head to

Tournament Packets:
40K -

Malifaux -

We'll be working to set up on Friday - anyone who feels like helping and then joining us for a few beers afterward, let us know!

Reminder that morning check-in begins at 8AM, with dice/cards beginning at 9AM. Look forward to seeing everyone there!


  1. Replies
    1. In the packet, as a double check, starts at 9am, checkin at 8-9

  2. Virgina is for lovers, but it sure as hell isn't for visitor parking.

  3. Was a great time! Thanks so much Mike and all the organizers!

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