Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Updated 40K GT Missions and Army Construction Formalized

Newly updated missions, inclusive of a suggested Playtest and Feedback mission amendment.

Highlights of the Mission Changes include removing the overly complex Comparative Missions from 2014, and simplifying Secondary Selection to a static pool of Secondary Choices that remain the same for every round (as opposed to having to study and analyze a new set of Secondaries every round).

Additionally, army construction updates are inclusive within (though not substantially or meaningfully changed from that most recently posted here).


Please note: if you opened this recently on chrome/etc., you might want to refresh. If there is a large red font paragraph explaining the dated nature of the missions, you're looking at an old doc and need to hit the refresh button.

We have also made updates to the FAQ already, but will withhold from constant updates until we do a comprehensive one on April 1. At that point, the FAQ should be finalized until new releases force new FAQ answers between now and the usual 30 day window for the GT.

Please continue to provide feedback, especially on the Missions.


  1. Are these missions going to apply to the Trios event? Or is that a separate mission packet?

    Is there a particular reason that the Space Marine Chapter Tactics are 0-1 as well? It seems a bit draconic in terms of limiting Forge World.

  2. Trios is not connected to the GT. As far as the FW question goes, keep in mind this will be the first year we allow it in the GT at all. While we will continue to consider input, we're already less draconian about it, and it's still unpopular with many regular attendees. Baby steps.

    1. As much as I hate the pushback and think the hate on super heavies was because I got lucky with my Revenant's pulsar and 6'ed something special to a couple people, Mike's approach is by far the best way to bring the full game in.

      That being said, unless you're the competitive type, you really should play in the Narrative tournament. It lacks the kind of restrictions that the GT has, has a significantly more fun atmosphere, and due to the (historically) optional supplement rules, provides a boost to bring some less that competitive builds up to the levels of the rest.

    2. OTOH playing in the narrative means completely leaving the 40K universe in favor of something different. I know personally I have no interest in the narrative OF the narrative, and as such it wouldn't be fun.

  3. Mike is there any update on whether there will be 30k events? It seems to me there would be a lot of interest in a HH event as it now sells so well and is on the cusp of being a more mainstream gw line than fantasy.

    1. While 30k is legal in the narrative events and I agree there needs to be one, we've yet to have a lead step forward with the strong desire to do so. As soon as we do, we'll add one pretty much immediately.

  4. How does the Strike the Rank and File secondary objective (ie: kill troops), work if you don't have any troops in your army? I'll probably be bringing a Haemie Coven army which doesn't even have access to troops. Elites are clearly the "Rank and File" from my army, but as the objective is worded I can't tell how that'd work. Would I auto-give that objective? Would it be impossible for my opponent to achieve? Or, ideally, can language be put in to use something other than Troops in situations like this?

    Not a fan of having alternative VPs (Warlord traits/corpsethief/ethereals/etc.) dumped into the Secondary pool, since it potentially makes them useless. Would much rather see them in their own category (possibly capped at 3-4), but can't bring your total above 15. To me that fits more with the intent of these kind of rules (since they're supposed to be above and beyond normal ways of earning VPs), while still limiting their effect on the overall game (so you still have to play the missions).

    The Butcher Tertiary I like since it brings a bit of KP style balance back into the missions. The current missions encourage taking a billion small fast Obsec. units with no real downside to throwing them away to move-block or deny objectives aside from a 2-point Secondary Objective.