Friday, February 20, 2015

East vs. West 2015 - Round 1!

I just wanted to send a good natured good luck to all the East Coast folks I know traveling out to the Las Vegas Open for this weekend's 40K GT.

Along with the NOVA and AdeptiCon, LVO completes the trifecta of the three truly "massive" 40K GTs held in the United States. This isn't to fail with acknowledging nearly-as-large events like DaBoyz and more, but these three probably get the most "press" on a regular basis.

Lately, there's been a lot of back and forth (in a fun way!) about the East Coast vs. the West Coast in terms of where the best 40K players are secreting themselves away, and a lot of Easties went out West this year.

We're hoping to see a lot of the West travel back across for the similar format of the 40K GT at NOVA (2 detachment, w/l/d centric, etc.), a push that was spearheaded by the LVO's own Reece Robbins, Frankie Giampapa, and Geoff Robinson last year, among many others.

Good luck to all this weekend, and may the best coast win! :)

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