Tuesday, February 24, 2015

East Coast Takes Las Vegas ... Gauntlet Down for the Westies to Take NOVA

Congrats go out to East Coast regular Sean Nayden for taking the Las Vegas Open with his Lictor heavy Nid list.

Congrats also go out to Nick Nanavati for a really class act move during the Finals.

Last but not least (in fact, 2nd of 256), congrats go out to Nick Rose for kicking butt with - like Sean - a very unorthodox list that largely ignored the options available with Forge World and Super Heavies / Gargantuans.

Last year, several of the Frontline Gaming guys joined the regular West Coast attendees in kicking butt and threatening the top table regions of NOVA, all of them finishing in top brackets. Can they take the next step this year?

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